Benz vs Jaguar

Earlier, we read a post about Car Wars and how BMW and Audi competed against each other in a war of billboards. While the verdict is still pending on that one (although BMW pretty much closed the deal), two other car giants battled in a more modern way. I am, of course, talking about Mercedes Benz and Jaguar.

It all started innocently, where Benz used a chicken in its ad to talk about stability. All they wanted to show was chickens and Benz cars have stability in common. They wanted to showcase their Intelligent Drive Magic Body Control that gives you the best driving experience possible. Still don’t get the analogy? Maybe watching the ad will clear a few things up.



Now that the dancing chicken ad went viral, Jaguar wanted to have some fun on its own. Jaguar came up with a mock of the Benz ad, whose core message was basically: Magic Body Control? We prefer cat-like reflexes, don’t you?"

Jaguar used the same video as Benz with a surprise twist in the end that put across the message quite effectively. Watch it to know what it is:



Now that the Jaguar ate the Benz, er.. I mean chicken, Mercedes was not one to back out from the challenge. Using a cat as its model this time, Benz showed how easily the cat could glide across its car thanks to its aerodynamic build. It also shows the cat being stared down by the car as a message of intimidation. Watch it to understand it:



And as if that weren’t enough, Benz also came up with a print ad that showcased the benefit of its pre-safe brakes, with the caption: “Because cat-like reflexes aren’t fast enough.”

Your move, Jaguar.

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