Car Wars - continued

While the Car Wars series have garnered quite some amusement from everyone who was privy to it, there had to be an end to it somewhere. While I cannot promise that this is the end, Bentley pretty much seemed to have an end to it all.

It all started innocently enough, with BMW ‘congratulating’ Audi on its win as the South African Car of the Year 2006. 


But it wasn’t all innocent though, because BMW ended the ad with the tagline, “From the winner of World Car of the Year 2006.”

While the earlier car war was started by Audi against BMW, the whole world couldn’t wait to see what Audi’s response to this will be. Audi couldn’t seem to wait either because it came up with this ad within a few days.


By pointing out that it was the winner of six consecutive Le Mans 24 hour races, Audi was trying to establish the superiority of its engines over BMW.

While BMW did not quite have a response to that yet, there was a surprising contender in the car war: Subaru. 


Subaru pretty much dumbed down Audi and BMW by talking about how they had won the beauty contest but how Subaru actually won the award that matters: the International Engine of the year 2006.

While we would have loved to see these brands break each other taillights in a series of following advertisements, there was one more ad which shut them all up for good.

Now, while the authenticity of this ad has not been confirmed by the company, I think it is safe to say that there is no other car that can match the class of a Bentley.

Warning: Not safe for work