Car Wars

BMW and Audi are both luxury cars in their own way. They both have their set of fan following and cheeky fights as to which car is better. We are not planning on getting into specifics here; we are simply here to enjoy one of the greatest advertising wars that was started by Audi and playfully followed up by BMW. This friendly (?) competition garnered quite some attention for both the brands and we leave you to judge the best of them all.

Both Audi and BMW are German brands but that did not quite stop them in the quest for being the world’s most preferred luxury car. While usually we see marketing wars in TV ads or keeping up with the recent trend, in social media, this war was up in billboards for all the world to see.

It all started in Santa Monica, with a simple billboard from Audi that showed its Audi A4 car and challenged BMW, quite openly, to show their best car on display. The keywords used? Your move, BMW.

 audi first poster.jpg

Not one to back out of a challenge, BMW showcased its Santa Monica BMW car in a bigger and better billboard, while managing to maintain the chess game analogy with a single word: Checkmate.

audi first poster2.jpg

Now that the chess game analogy was firmly in place, Audi used it to its advantage with the words: Your pawn is no match for our king. And they also added these words in an even bigger billboard. 

audi first poster3.jpg

Sure, the battle of the billboards could have gone to bigger sizes what with the public noticing the ad wars and taking an active interest in them but in a move that I would like to call brilliant, BMW ended the battle once and for all with this:

audi first poster4.jpg

Brand wars like this not only pique the interest of the audience but also promote a healthy competition among different brands. Billboards have certainly gone out of fashion these days but they have been replaced with Twitter wars, with each brand tweeting what they want to say. But it definitely doesn’t beat the magnificence of seeing your favourite car in a big, grand way does it?

The next series in Car Wars will feature Mercedes Benz and Jaguar.