Lexus joins the cars war

In our earlier posts, we spoke about how BMW, Audi, Benz, and Jaguar competed against each other for establishing their brand presence. While BMW and Audi stuck to big billboards that gathered attention, Jaguar and Mercedes took to the digital spectrum to wage a friendly war against each other.

Now wanting to be left out, Lexus, Japan’s luxury automaker, decided to take on BMW, Audi, and Mercedes at the same time.

While BMW focuses on marketing the joy it brings to its drivers, Audi focuses on its progressive technology and the beauty it brings along with it, and Mercedes focuses on its superior elegance over other luxury cars, Lexus wanted to bring all three down in one shot and came up with a tagline that says, “The Lexus Range: Where optional is standard.”

Well, if you are a bit confused about what Lexus is trying to say, maybe looking at its ads will give you a clue.

The advertisement in itself is a clever play on the logos of each brand if you look at it too closely. Basically, what Lexus is looking at is that while you need to pay extra for all these features in the other luxury cars, Lexus gives all of these features as defaults in its own range. Basically, the tagline takes a dig at other cars by saying what is optional for others, is a standard for them. Ultimately, Lexus played on the human aspect where people usually hate paying extra for other features while they are already shelling out quite a bit on luxury cars.

I think we all know who won this round.