2018 Honda Odyssey Revealed in the UAE

New autos are regularly revealed in the UAE, but it is almost always supercars that are in the limelight. When Honda launched one of the most anticipating vehicles, the company had different ideas. Presented at a meeting in Dubai, latest Honda Odyssey is filled with plenty of cool innovations, of course, if you look strong enough, you could be able to see a front-end that appears slightly like a super luxury sports car.
With all new Honda Odessey 2018, Honda was specifically keen to indicate that they had completely redesigned the surface for the model of 2018. The owners of this beautiful car can choose from two new color options, as well as three additional levels (EX-L, touring, and LX). An instant looks inside and you will notice that the inside has had an entire overhaul. While Honda is concentrating on practicality and function with the brand-new Odyssey, they've added second-row seating which slips backward and forwards. They'll even go sideways if you opt to take away the middle couch. Further back, the 3rd row folds in two various ways.

If you are one of the huge fans of cars who have a deep love for technology, then you will not be disappointed with the Odyssey launch in the UAE. This car is offering 8-inch touchscreen with built-in entertainment system, as well as Garmin navigation with lots of child-friendly apps.

Inside the hood, you will find an automated transmitting 10-speed that has mated to a 3.5-litre VTEC V6 engine unit, which also has to change cylinder management. You will also get eight airbags. As well as the owners can get to discover a tire pressure and keep an eye on ESP and ABS.

If you choose the touring model, you'll receive the built-in Honda sensing suite. This suite is Honda's deal of basic safety and driver-assistance systems such as features including blind spot monitoring, forward collision warning, pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, and several other adaptive cruise control.

The purchase price is not yet revealed, but rumor has it that the Odyssey will probably cost you AED 130,000. The Odyssey's biggest feature may be considered a camera that enables the drivers to watch travelers in the next and third rows removing the distraction of experiencing to look back over and over again. However, the Odyssey is favorably filled with new features.

Other new features include 4G LTE wi-fi hotspot ability that can run the entertainment system, a charging pad for smartphones, Apple CarPlay, and Android operating system, and an iPhone app that lets travelers set the temperatures. 

Honda offers a lot of luxury features, too, including warmed and cooled car seats, a heated tire, ambient lamps, a hands-free tailgate, and an 11-loudspeaker sound system.

Many other performance changes are also done by the company to increase the way the Odyssey drives. The brand new framework is stiffer, there are new high rate automated transmissions, and the steering is quicker. Overall, it is a great addition to the affordable range of the UAE cars that are going to launch in 2018.

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