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24 Hours in Dubai With Your Car Rental

Dubai is a vibrant city that offers you a plethora of activities and dining options lined up for you to explore. If you are on a short visit to Dubai, worry not, as we provide insights on how you can squeeze in some sightseeing while being on a tight schedule. If you only have 24 hours to see what this city has to offer, you can follow these tips from our experts who ensure you make the most of your quick trip with your rent a car.

Start at The Souk

Begin your tour in Dubai with a trip to the traditional souk. Souk is loosely translated to 'market' in Arabic. It is a short drive from Dubai airport. It offers an excellent opportunity to have an in-depth understanding of the history of Dubai and how it has boomed over time. Additionally, it’s a great place to shop for various high-quality spices that you can bargain for a better price.

Stopover at Burj Al Arab

When visiting Dubai, you can’t leave without a picture by the Burj Al Arab. The ideal way to capture this beauty is to drive down to the beach, where you get a relatively close look at this 7-star hotel. It also allows you a quick drive by the beach, which is an ideal way to destress and relax.

Lunch at The Mall

As it’s the largest shopping mall, one could easily spend well over 24 hours around it. However, since you are short on time, a drive down the mall for a quick lunch would be ideal. On your way to the mall, you are offered exceptional views of the skyscrapers and the iconic Burj Khalifa. You could also stop on the side for a quick photo session. This wouldn’t be possible if you used a public mode of transport.

Sunset at Marina

Once you’ve explored the mall, take a quick trip down Dubai Marina in time to catch the sunset. It’s the world’s largest man-made marina and home to some of the tallest skyscrapers. There’s ample parking around as well, so you can take a quick stroll by the Marina Walk. Enjoy the views of the sunset, watch the people, and take plenty of photos. You can end the day with a delicious meal by the beach. There’s plenty of dining options, catering to varied palates and budget. We offer cut prices and lucrative offers to customers seeking a rent a car in Dubai Marina.

Drive to Palm Jumeirah

If you have the time in hand, we would suggest making a quick detour to Palm Jumeirah, another man-made island in Dubai. The unparalleled views it has to offer will make it difficult for you to leave.