6 Basic Factors to Remember in Case of Car Accidents in UAE

When you are involved in a car accident is can be very catastrophic. However, the rules and procedures in case of car accidents vary from country to country. In UAE, when involved in a car accident, it is a legal requirement to abide by the UAE laws and procedures. Speedy Drive has complied few top basic factors to remember in case of car accidents in UAE and they are listed below.

First thing to remember is that in the UAE, levels of incidents also vary and thus it becomes all the more important to understand what to do.

Police Report

If there are serious injuries involved, call an ambulance service immediately by dialing 999. To avoid both legal as well financial trouble(s), your first step should be registering a police report. In the event of a mishap, this is the most important document to ascertain right away.

When colliding with another vehicle (or any object), your first step should be: -

Tie down the spot

  • Simply forget whether you have hit someone or your opponent has hit you. If your vehicles are already on the side (not obstructing traffic) that’s fine. Otherwise, all the vehicles involved in the crash must be moved to a safest spot, immediately.
  • When safely parked, jump out of your vehicle
  • Hazard lights should be turned on
  • Now is the time to check whether everyone is okay

If the driver(s) of other vehicle(s) try to leave the crash scene and speed away; noting down their license plate number(s) would be ideal. Whenever police arrive, hand the information to them. Alerting the authorities should be your first priority so the operator can immediately ask police to reach at the crash spot. Always tell the operator the exact spot, also ask for an ambulance if required.

Documents You May Require

  • Driving license
  • Car registration card, and
  • Emirates ID / Passport

If possible, take as many photos as you can but only of the damaged car; taking other people’s photos requires permission!

Losing Temper Won’t Help

In the event of an accident, it is quite natural for you or the other driver involved to get irate and thus lose self-control. Better avoid

  • losing temper
  • appointing blame
  • engaging in any sort of argument
  • yelling at another driver involved, or
  • paying any attention to other person’s yelling

Ideally, you should keep your cool, wait for the police and let the police decide whom to blame on.

When the Police Arrives

  • Neither pester them nor ask them to hurry
  • Avoid hand gestures of any kind
  • Speak only when you’re asked to

Pink - Green – White Forms

The officer on duty then issues the ‘Police Report’ which, as a standard practice, is in Arabic. Just keep in mind that Police Report Forms issued will make it clear who is at fault because:

  • Pink Form is issued to Driver at Fault
  • Green to Innocent Driver, while
  • White Form is issued in situation(s) where both drivers are innocent

Following the police report, every driver is bound to follow the instruction given / mentioned in the police report. Next, notify the incident to your insurance or Rent-a-car Company. Convey all the details also inform about having received the Police Report. Collection of the damaged or affected vehicle is thus their responsibility while insurance claim procedures are a different chapter.

Best Advice

Never ‘Try Fleeing the Crash Scene’ or else be ready for the consequences i.e. at least Dh500 fine, 7-day confiscation of car and 6 Black Points etc. Further, do not flee, especially after injuring someone. Hitting an object is a different situation though but the driver, however, has to ascertain a Police Report, by dialing 999. In case of someone running into your parked vehicle, only a nearby CCTV camera could help!

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