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5 Aspects to Keep in Mind in Case of a Car Accident in the UAE

In the unfortunate case of being involved in a car accident in the UAE, there are a number of aspects to keep in mind – and then to act accordingly, so that the situation is handled as appropriately as possible.

Call an Ambulance in case of a Grievous Injury

The number to call in the UAE is 999. Without losing your composure, in case you see serious injuries that can be healed with immediate medical attention, make sure that you call an ambulance at the earliest possible.

Getting to the Side of the Road

This is an important aspect often ignored by a lot of folks; remember by remaining in the middle of the road, you are only increasing the chances of another accident! Surely you do not want that, so the first thing to do would be to ensure you and the other party (in case there is one) are both on the side of the road.

Unless the vehicle has been damaged so extensively that it cannot move, ensure that the vehicle is parked on the side, with its hazard lights on.

Filing a Police Report

There are both legal as well as financial reasons for which filing a police report is considered essential. Remember this is a matter of the prevailing laws in the UAE, so do not be lax about this. At the earliest possible, ensure that a police report is filed.

To go through with the police report, some of the mandatory documents that would be required include:

  • Driving License
  • Car Registration Card, and
  • Emirates ID (in case of a local)/Passport (for a foreigner)

Staying Calm

We really cannot stress enough on this aspect. However grave the situation at hand may be, it is really crucial that you try and stay calm. Remember that flaring up and losing your temper will not ease the situation; rather it will only worsen it. That is the reason it is imperative that you keep calm and not lose your cool.

Avoid Fleeing the Scene!

This is really the last thing you should even consider doing; there are cameras everywhere and any such attempt will easily be caught along with an AED 500 fine and many other negative repercussions. So avoid trying to drive away, thinking that the problem will also go away, especially if it is a relatively small skirmish that you perceive.


A car accident in the UAE deems a certain set of procedures to follow. At Speedy Drive, we always wish you to drive safe and hope that no such situation ever arises