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A Brief Guide About Car Lights

Getting a rental vehicle and going on a fun trip in the UAE is much easy. However, before approaching any budget rent a car Dubai contact, you first need to clear your basics. Driving on the multi-laned roads here is not an easy task. Right from the specific traffic rules to basic of your driving and vehicle knowledge needs to be checked and confirmed for your safety. To start with, you must thoroughly understand the various parts of a vehicle. Car lights, the vehicle's eyes, is the most prominent element found in different forms for multiple purposes. Knowing the correct meaning and use of each car light is important to ensure safe driving on the roads. The following are the different types of car lights:

Daytime Light

These lights are not present in all the car models and may be supplementary. When you start the car, these lights may automatically switch on. The main purpose of this car light is to support the existing lights to help fellow drivers to see your vehicle. This will help in avoiding any mishaps, mainly during night times.

Main Headlights

You may never find a vehicle without these lights. Also known by the term low lights, headlights are a fundamental part of every vehicle. It is lit during night times to help you see ahead clear. As it is comparatively high in power, these lights tend to consume more power and may drain up your battery. It is also helpful during foggy weathers when the vision is highly impaired.

High Beam Lights

This is a major supportive pair of lights that work along with headlights to make your view clear. But usage of high beam lights must be done carefully when all the fellow motorists on the road are at least 200 meters away from your vehicle. Refrain from using high beam during bad weather conditions, as you won't be aware of the cars coming in front, and their vision will be disturbed by the reflected rays.

Fog Light

As the name suggests, these lights are meant for use when your view is totally disturbed due to bad weather situations such as mist, fogginess and rain. Fog lights are present on both the front and back of the vehicle, where the front ones emit wide angled beams of light to improve the clarity of the road ahead. The rear lights must be lit to make sure the vehicles behind can see your car and move accordingly. It is important to note that fog lights should never be used during normal times.