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Top 5 Advantages of Driving with an International Driver’s License in Dubai

An International Driver’s License or Permit is a globally recognized confirmation of your ability to drive under a wide variety of situations and circumstances. Armed with an IDL, you can drive just about anywhere in the world, Dubai included.

There are many advantages to having an IDL while driving in Dubai which include:

Rental Agency’s Confidence

A car rental agency will have far more confidence in you and your driving skills when you have an IDL. As a result, they will in turn be far more willing to rent out vehicles of your choice to you, including luxury sedans and SUV rental – which they may not have rented out if you did not have an IDL.

Traffic Police Validation

Any incident on the road, minor or major, could involve the traffic cops. Armed with an IDL, you have nothing to fear. Otherwise, your very act of driving could possibly be considered a violation, especially if you are from a foreign country. This is because a lot of local driving licenses are not globally recognized or valid, unless they are an IDL.

Proof of Identity

At many places, you will find your IDL to be a solid proof of your identity. To give you an example, if there is any place where your age needs to be verified, you will find that your IDL will do the job perfectly. This is entirely to do with the fact that your IDL is a globally recognized and valid document.

Overcome Linguistic Barriers

Anytime a sticky situation arises, your IDL can come to the rescue since it is often written out in multiple languages. So, if there is any concern regarding your personal details, they can easily be verified and confirmed even by individuals not speaking your language, all thanks to the IDL that you possess.

No Further Driving Test Required

Sometimes a driving test may be mandated by some car rental agencies or for specific purposes, say go-karting, etc. Once in possession of an IDL, no such driving test is likely to be asked of you. Therefore, for this reason as well, an IDL proves to be really very handy.


There are so many advantages and benefits to having an IDL – in Dubai of course, but also in just about any part of the world. Therefore, if you are an individual who loves to drive around wherever you travel, make sure you have your own IDL with you in your possession at all times.

At Speedy Drive Car Rental, we are overjoyed to offer a wide range of cars on rent in Barsha and other locations in Dubai to customers from all parts of the world, possessing an IDL.