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Bad Drivers to Beware of On the Road

It is a wonderful moment to get a driver's license. We all recall this experience and the joy of freedom coming your way. When you just start driving, you will remember every direction and guidance provided and signs that come on your way and will carefully maneuver your route. That said, it’s only a matter of time till these habits start to wear off and you develop your style of driving. In fact, when driving becomes a part of your daily activity, you start to think less about the technicalities, which might seem like a great relief to you but is certainly not to the health and nerves of drivers around you. That said, we discuss the worst types of drivers that you may come across at some point in your driving experience.

Those Who Don’t Follow Parking Rules

Understandably, some parking types take a moment to figure out, especially if you're not used to it, but some drivers won't even be able to park right without any cars around. Such people cause problems for those trying to get to the car as they block any route, or worse, by parking where they are not expected, further creating unsafe situations. Then, some drivers couldn’t care less and take up two parking spots or park at a handicap spot with no permit. If you are in Dubai with a fast rent a car that you are not familiar with, do take your time when it comes to parking but try not to cause problems for the other passengers.

The Hot-Headed Drivers

We are all aware of people who just can't keep their cool and will take everything personally. They are usually the ones who enjoy revenge. While its human tendency to lose your cool, impulsiveness, and road rage are life-threatening characteristics. In fact, you could potentially face a penalty for disrespectful hand gestures or insulting other drivers. It’s best to avoid engaging with such drivers.

The Constant Lane Changers

While it is certainly permitted to change lanes when required, there are a few drivers who are unable to make the call at the right time. This is something most motorists must have noticed; where some believe they are in a race, while others are simply inconsiderate of their surroundings and will constantly change lanes to get ahead of others. It's important to note, that as thrilling as it may appear to be, it is extremely distracting and dangerous as it perturbs the attention of other drivers around.

The Constant Lane Changers

Those Who Don’t Make Use of Their Signals

It is so important! Admittedly, many of us often get lazy with turn signals but it's clearly a must on most occasions – and yet there are drivers who refuse to do it. These drivers are the kinds of people that can jump a line, and then appear not to notice the line. These signals are placed for the benefit of everyone on the road, including cars around you, pedestrians, and cyclists, to make everyone aware of the driver’s intentions and so traffic can run smoothly.

The Multitasking Drivers

Being distracted while driving is a very common norm that everyone faces, which is why it’s best avoided especially when you are on the road. Be it during a drive-through, drivers checking their phone, or focusing on everything apart from the road ahead, each of these can contribute to a hazardous situation. More often than not, it is easy to spot such drivers as you will notice the car slide off-lane or even apply emergency brakes. Apart from being annoying, it is extremely dangerous for everyone.