Be careful how and where you park your car in Dubai

For a long time, cars have remained the best transportation mode to explore the city of Dubai. However, to assure about your enjoyable yet comfortable journey, it is essential for you to stay aware with important car parking rules in Dubai, as mentioned in this blog post.

According to the latest parking system, parking zones in Dubai consisting of 4 different zones i.e. A, B, E and F and each of these zones come under three major categories i.e. special areas, non-commercial and commercial areas.

Commercial Areas Consisting of Zone A and Zone B

Zone A

Zone A includes each of the roadside parking options in various commercial areas and it remains same. Drivers incorporating seasonal parking cards to drive in zone A may continue to park their vehicles in all the zones i.e. A, B, C and D until and unless the cards expire.

Zone B

Zone B also includes each parking lot in commercial zones. Drivers possessing seasonal cards for Zone B are able to park in of the zone either B or zone D.

Non-commercial Areas Consisting of Zone C and Zone D

Zone C

Zone C is the latest parking code and it covers roadside parking options in various non-commercial areas. Dubai city officials have already setup signboards for the respective zone.

Zone D

Zone D of the parking zone in Dubai covers each of the parking lots present in various types of non-commercial areas. Here also you will find signboards to differentiate varying parking areas.

Special Areas Consisting of Zone E, Zone F and Zone G

Zone E

Zone E is useful for dedicated parking codes i.e. parking for the famous Deira Fish Market in Dubai. Since the fish market has changed its location, it brought changes in the respective parking logistics. The new market thus formed is Waterfront Market and it features free of cost underground parking option and payable car parking for public.

Zone F

Zone F consists of a dedicated parking code to allow vehicle parking in the Tecom areas of Dubai.

Zone G

Zone G includes payable parking areas belonging to Downtown region of Dubai. However, charges in this case remain unaffected from tariff charges.

Other Important Aspects to Park Cars in Dubai

Parking at Shopping Malls

Most of the shopping malls in Dubai offer you free of cost parking, as the opening of various metro-based shopping centers are nearby or adjacent to metro stations. Hence, they introduced stable parking charges for a specified period.

Street Parking Facilities in Dubai

Parking meters are responsible to govern a majority of street parking facilities in Dubai. You only have to feed coins into the meter machine, so that you get tour parking ticket displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard. Along with this, most of the streets in Dubai have special parking spaces for disabled people referred as disabled parking spaces. Last, but not the least, a few areas in Dubai provide support to the mobile Parking system to drivers. Accordingly, drivers make payment of parking tolls with an SMS.

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