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Five Reasons to Opt for a Long Term Car Rental Deal in Dubai

As a prospect on the lookout for a suitable car to rent in Dubai, you will of course be completely spoilt for choice. There are plentiful car rental agencies with an ever burgeoning range of vehicles in their collection. Among the options you have, opting for a long term rental deal will certainly make a lot of sense. Below we explain the reasons for that.

Better Price

With a long term car rental deal, you will definitely get a better price as opposed to a short term one. That is because car rental agencies are assured of their car being rented out with you for a longer period of time and therefore are happy to offer fairer terms for it.

Wider Choice of Vehicles

On a long term car rental deal, you are invariably offered a wider choice of vehicles. In fact, many car rental agencies keep aside some vehicles for their long term customers only. So if you are on the lookout for a more exotic car, your chances are bright on a long term deal!

No Concerns on Depreciation

If we compare with having your own vehicle for a long term, the value of that vehicle will of course depreciate significantly over time. But with a long term car rental deal that you negotiate, you do not have to be concerned over depreciation – it is the car rental agency’s headache. You simply pay for renting the car.

Better Service

Although the Customer Service at Speedy Drive is consistent for all our customers, many car rental agencies go out of their way to favour long term customers. Therefore, we will assert this aspect – if you are a long term customer, there is a strong possibility you will receive better support and assistance.

Better Cash Flow Management

For large companies that hire an entire fleet of vehicles for their executives (or for other purposes), long term car rental deals prove to be an excellent proposition for better cash flow management. After all, they need not spend a large sum of money purchasing vehicles. Instead, they can simply rent them at much lower costs and yet avail the benefits of having these vehicles at their disposal at all times, virtually immediately.


It clearly makes a lot of sense to opt for a long term car rental deal in Dubai. At Speedy Drive, we are proud to offer a wide range of vehicles on long term basis at affordable rates.