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Rental Cars Vs Public Transport – A Quick Comparison

From commuting from one place to another for work to attending a social event with friends, in today’s time, access to proper transport facilities seems to make everything a hundred times easier. However, if you are a part of the majority of the population, then chances are that you don’t own a car and must either rely on public transport or rent a car. Even if you are someone who owns a car, you may want to cut down on the maintenance cost and thereby choose to rent a car or use public transport. Whatever the reason, a question that frequently arises in almost everyone’s mind is whether public transport is better than rental cars or vice versa. Thus, to answer this timeless question, this article seeks to bring people a quick comparison between rental cars and public transport and suggest the best possible time to use one or the other based on pre-specified requirements.

When Should You Use Rental Cars?

Rental cars are more beneficial than public transport in long-distance travel since traveling long distances using public transport can be ineffective and tiring. Moreover, if one requires a more flexible means of transportation, then renting a car should be the option they should go for. Rental cars allow you to make as many stops as you want, whenever and wherever you please, which is not the case for public transport.


Regarding flexibility related to travel time, it is evident that rental cars take the win. If you are required to travel during inconvenient hours of the day, then you have no choice but to rent a car or take a taxi. Still, since the latter is, on average, more expensive in the long run and provides the user with a lesser degree of control, the former proves to be a better choice.

Rental cars also prove to be more effective than public transport when traveling with kids and heavy luggage or when you are required to travel in case of an emergency. In addition, if you live in a place with inadequate public transport connectivity, renting a car will be the best option you can avail yourself of.

When Should You Use Public Transport?

Public transport can be a good option if you’re looking to travel short distances and are not required to make a lot of detours. They are also considerably cheaper than rental cars and better for the environment since they allow people to reduce their carbon footprint by almost fifty percent. Public transport also allows one to cut down on fuel consumption and, at the same time, contribute towards reducing traffic congestion.


Public transport also allows people to relax since they don’t require one to do the work, allowing commuters to watch and meet new people. Rather than booking a cab, anyone who doesn’t have a license can easily use public transport as a cost-effective and environment-friendly means of traveling.

Many times, various forms of public transport offer students a discount which allows them to cut down on their budget. Moreover, in some cases, such as traveling across states, public transportation can be quicker than renting a car.


Thus, to sum it up, rental cars allow you to travel long distances with heavy luggage and provide greater flexibility. In contrast, public transport will enable you to cut down on your budget and is cost-effective and environment-friendly. However, if you plan to get a car on rent, it would be best to consider the cheapest rent a car in Dubai from trusted companies to reduce your costs but enjoy its benefits.