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Can I Eat While Driving?

Data on how risky it is to use a cell phone while driving is available on almost every platform, but there is far less awareness about the risks of eating while driving. Eating while driving, however, is a major diversion and can affect your response times as much as using a cell phone. The Dubai RTA have previously cautioned drivers about the risks of not only using a mobile phone but eating or doing any other activity besides driving. They have also stressed on the fact of offenders being slapped with a fine and black points on their driving license. In this article, we present to you why eating while driving is equally dangerous and makes you more prone to an accident, and what you can do to combat it.

Lowers Reaction Time

As per a study conducted earlier, it depicts that drivers who ate while driving had a reaction rate that was 44 percent slower than normal, and drivers were 18 percent more likely to experience poor lane control. We also found in the analysis that the response of those who use their phones when driving is 37.4 percent slower. This difference goes out to show that eating while driving does indeed have a significantly higher impact on how drivers react as opposed to when they use their phones. That said, this is not an excuse to use your phone while driving.

They found that drivers who eat and drink while staying behind the wheel are twice as likely to crash, with this risk rising for messy or hot foods and for foods that need to be unwrapped. Eating at the wheel often creates a physical diversion as well as diverting your attention by forcing you to take at least one hand off the wheel to carry the food or drink.

Driving Food Reduces Reaction Time

Understand the UAE Law

While eating when driving is not considered an illegal activity in UAE, there are laws in place for those who commit this offence. Being caught for eating behind the wheel will land you with a hefty fine as well as black points on your driving license. Ultimately, eating when driving or doing any secondary activity can put excessive pressure on the driver and also impact your driving capabilities. We recommend making a pit stop to indulge in a small snack break, as it is a safer option and will prevent you from being charged. During long drives with your car rental in Dubai, it is important to take short breaks to prevent yourself from fatigue.