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Common Driving Mistakes Found in Novice Drivers

Initially, getting the steering wheel in your hand on the actual roads can be extremely exciting, especially since there are ample ways to avail wide variety of cars to rent such as SUV car rental. However, driving in Dubai brings with it a plethora of challenges and responsibilities. Failing to follow the dynamics of Dubai road networks can often lead to hefty fines and black points on the drivers’ licenses. That said, we bring to you a few common mistakes found among drivers and how you can avoid them.

Road Rage

The high-speed lanes and smooth roadways can often be tempting for speedy drivers. However, facing annoying driving practices like tailgating or crawling cars on fast lanes may get you furious. It often triggers, especially beginners, to road rage by speeding or acting up. This is a major driving mistake that can be avoiding my simply watching your actions with a rational mind. Moreover, over speeding often results in drivers being faced with hefty fines.

Taking Off Eyes from The Road

By introducing vehicles with various luxury amenities and other entertaining handy devices, distracted driving has become an common issue. It not only puts everyone’s safety at risk but also can cost a hefty fine. For instance, using a mobile phone while driving can get you a fine of AED 800 and four black points on your license.

Wrong Lane Choices

Dubai road networks are classified into lanes and highly regulated with specified rules and guidelines for smooth movement. The lanes are meant for different speed limits, starting from the slowest, the right-end lane to the fastest which is on the left-hand side. Confusion withr regards to the lanes leads young drivers to drive either under the speed limit or over the specified limit; both practices should be avoided.

Wrong Lane Choices

Forgetting Turn Signals

As the number of rules and car instructions can be novel and challenging to memorize, initial drivers often forget to signal their fellow drivers while changing lane. This can confuse others on the road and thereby disrupt their and your driving flow. In some circumstances, drivers may also switch lanes in haste without turning on the signals, further leading to either a minor or major accident.

Lack of Judgement

The act of driving requires a lot of critical skills as well as practice in order for driver's to determine the position of their vehicle. This is applicable when driving on road as well as during parking. At the initial stage, most driver's fail to accurately judge the distance, which further leads to parking mistakes or severe offenses such as tailgating. Lack of judgment often makes parking a tiring job for drivers in Dubai, especially since there are multiple parking types. It requires regular practice and attention to detail to make correct driving judgments.

Missing Road Signs

Even though your lecturer takes you through the long list of road signs during your driving classes, it is common for you to miss out on them during an actual driving lesson. It is always wise to avoid unwanted offenses and accidents by paying proper attention to the vital signs such as ‘stop’ or ‘caution’ that you may come across on the roads. As special lanes are dedicated to buses and taxis, it is highly essential to look out for them while driving to avoid fines and allow easy movement for them.

Road Awareness

It is crucial to understand the roadways in Dubai to reach the destination through correct routes. The networking road map in Dubai may confuse beginners and lead them into restricted paths; some driving into prohibited sites. This further leads to the driver being penalized with a heavy fine in addition to black points on their driving license. Through regular practice and attentive driving, you can get a hold over the various routes and drive with awareness.