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Common Road Hazards to Beware of When Driving in Dubai

Whether it is dropping the kids to school, running errands, or commuting to work, driving is part and parcel of most people’s everyday life. Even if you have a clear record of driving safely, unexpected obstacles could trigger a serious accident that could place everyone’s life in danger. From poor road conditions to reckless drivers, here’s a list of popular road hazards drivers should look for, especially when driving a car rental in Dubai, and how you can combat them.

Glare from The Sun

It is a known fact that Dubai is an exceptionally sunny city. Driving can be quite a challenge with the sun reflecting off shiny objects and piercing through your eyes. Driving into direct sunlight can interfere with your vision, and more often than not, the sun visor doesn’t prove to be very helpful either. While you cannot shift its direction or make any changes to its rays, there are a few things you can do to prevent temporary blindness from glares and not compromise road safety.

  • Slow Down
  • Avoid Tailgating
  • Use polarized Sunglasses
  • Keep your windshield clean
  • Avoid driving early morning or late afternoon
  • Take an alternative route if possible

Reckless Drivers

I didn’t see the car or human, is one of the most widely used excuses by drivers after a collision. Not paying attention has been a significant cause behind most accidents. It is also worth noting that you can’t always expect safe driving from drivers around. So, it’s better to be alert and make sure you have enough room before switching lanes. It is said that music volume levels should not be too high, as that too, causes distractions. Further, you need to beware of drivers on open roads, and those connecting to the highway, as certain motorists recklessly exit on to the highway at high speeds.

Traffic Light Malfunction

While we’ve come a long way with technology, our sole reliance on them may cause accidents. It may not be a common sight in Dubai, but there are chances of malfunction due to storms or other conditions, further causing car accidents. More often than not, the Dubai police are already aware of the problem and will be placed to guide the traffic. In such situations, it is best to obey their order.

Traffic Light Malfunction

Motorcycles on The Road

As the number of motorcycles on the road increases, so does the opportunity of a motorcycle crash. With the number of bikes increasing each year, drivers need to be cautious when sharing the road with motorcycles. Since they are not easily spotted and tend to disappear from the blind spot, ensure to look twice before changing lanes. If not, you may hit them.