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Five Most Common Traffic Violations Seen in Dubai among Car Renters

Traffic rules are meant to be obeyed. After all, they are there for a purpose, prime among which is to ensure the safety of everyone on the streets, be it fellow motorists, pedestrians, and you yourself!

Unfortunately, a lot of folks – including car renters, fail to obey these traffic rules. In this article, we share the top 5 traffic rule violations that we see most frequently in Dubai among car renters.

Drinking and Driving

Dubai has an unwavering zero tolerance policy on drinking and driving yet many car renters, mostly expats, end up doing so. The fines on such violations are so extreme that even the wealthy have a hard time paying them. This is over and above possible jail time, penalties on the driving license, and more. Suffice it to say that when in the UAE, do not drink and drive under any circumstances.

Jumping Red Lights

Many car renters end up jumping red lights. Again, the penalties on such offences are so severe and yet they end up doing so and then face really harsh consequences. We would like to remind all our readers that jumping a red light – which in turn ends up causing an accident, can have such serious consequences that you will have a really tough time dealing with it – it is simply not worth it!

Driving without Seatbelts

Seatbelts are for your own safety; when you drive without putting them on, you expose yourself to various risks. The fine, in case you are caught driving without a seatbelt on, can be as high as AED 1,000. Just remember that anytime you drive, you must have your seatbelt on.

Over Speeding

Over speeding is yet another of the common traffic violations seen among folks renting cars in Dubai. In fact, it is the most common violation of all. Fines for such violations can start from AED 600 and go all the way up AED 3,000. In case something serious such as an accident happens due to over speeding, the consequences would simply be brutal.

The solution is simply to be wary of speed limits where you are driving and always drive within those limits.

Not Having your Driver License

Driving on the road, you must have your driving license with you. This might seem obvious to most but you will be surprised at how many car renters “forget” carrying their driving license with them while driving; don’t do that!


Rent a car with us here at Speedy Drive but do not end up committing the common traffic violations listed above!