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Top 5 Precautions You Need to Take for a Stress-free Car Rental Experience

While deciding to rent a car in Dubai from the airport terminal itself is the best option, it is always advisable to keep certain precautions in mind so that you avoid any possible unpleasantness along the way. The tips provided in this article will help you immensely towards that end objective.

Be Aware of Car Rental and Driver Rules

Every place has rules and regulations with regard to vehicular rentals as well as drivers that drive rental cars. As a savvy renter, you should be aware of these rules. How far can you take your vehicle to? What is the maximum speed at which you should be driving? Which are the designated parking spots? These are some sample questions you must have clear answers to.

Check the Rental Company’s Antecedents

It is important that you go with a reliable and budget car rental company with a solid reputation. Typically, with such car rental firms, there are few chances of anything untoward and most often, everything goes through very smoothly.

Remember that from the very outset, you are looking for peace of mind with your rented car; a reputable car rental company would be able to provide you just that.

Ensure an Insured Vehicle

While every responsible car rental agency will only have insured vehicles on offer, it is advisable to double check the insurance of the vehicle you plan on hiring. Ask for the original insurance documents of the vehicle you are planning to hire which will give you additional peace of mind.

Roadside Assistance Provision

In case of any untoward assistance such as a breakdown of the vehicle you plan to hire, what roadside assistance does the car rental agency provide? Does it have its own assistance service or does it in turn rely on third parties for that? This is something you must clarify right at the outset, before confirming upon the vehicle or the agency from which you intend to hire a vehicle.

Vehicle Condition

As a savvy car renter, you must do a thorough inspection of the vehicle you intend to hire. No doubt, you may not be able to gauge every possible shortcoming in the vehicle, especially if it is of a mechanical nature, but any obvious aspect, say a major dent on the exterior must be noted and pointed out to the car rental agency. That way, such aspects cannot be pinned on you later on when you return the vehicle.


It is easy to ensure a stress-free car rental experience – in Dubai or anywhere else in the world. At Speedy Drive Car Rental, we are proud of providing car renters with a completely memorable car rental experience for eons now, and definitely look forward to continuing that legacy in the future.