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Considerations for Selecting the Right Car for Photography

Modern photography with an exotic car in Dubai is a creative idea to capture the best shots. No matter what you plan for - a solemn holiday, newlyweds, or a party of old friends photoshoot - a chic car will embellish any frame. Renting a car for a photo session is your opportunity to take advantage of the real beauty without buying it. However, not everyone who wants to be photographed next to a sports car knows exactly how to choose a model for filming. Continue reading to know what major factors you should consider to budget rent a car for a photography session.

Purpose of Shooting

The first and most important factor is the purpose of the shooting events. What exactly should the photoshoot capture? The focus may be on the type or character of the customer of the shooting, the closeness and tender feelings of a couple in love, and the cheerful company of friends. The car can successfully fit into the general plan of the photo and emphasize all this.

Clean Vehicle

Another important factor when choosing a car is cleanliness. And not only external but also internal. The car must be polished and not have obvious scratches or dents. A clean interior is also important if you plan to take shots inside the vehicle.

Well-Maintained and Serviced Car

You must check on the technical conduction of the rented car. A car breakdown during a photo session will be a big disappointment for both the customers and the photographer. Therefore, when choosing an automobile, pay attention to its serviceability and the level of technical support of the rental to communicate with employees in critical cases.

Vehicle Capacity

Dubai is not only about city sights, beaches, and restaurants against which you can capture a great shot. It has Hatta mountains and an expansive desert area. This means that the car will be used not only as an entourage for shooting but also as a means of transporting passengers and the necessary equipment. If the trip is long and crowded, photography is unlikely to succeed. Remember that the volume of the trunk plays an important role. The photographer's equipment and possible scenery are loaded into it.

Location’s Geography

The other crucial factor is the geography of the location: its topography and distance from your place of residence. A limousine is hardly suitable for photographs on a mountain path. For such photography, it is more expedient to rent an SUV. 

Some of the other important factors for car hire service also include

  • availability of documents for renting a car in Dubai (registration certificate, insurance)
  • cost per 1 kilometer (if there is a limit)
  • availability of discounts and bonuses
  • the ability to rent a car for an hour, a day or more.

Speedy Drive offers an extensive fleet of vehicles, including modern models for the city and crossovers for safe driving on mountains. Order a vehicle from our reputable car rental company if you want an unforgettable photo session with a car.