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Creative Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained on A Road Trip

If you’re a parent and have never had to tackle a long drive with the kids inside the car, you know there are just two choices for you – either engage them in a game or constantly listen to the ‘Are we there yet?’ soundtrack. While shoving an iPad may seem like the ideal approach, that too will stop distracting them after a while. Well, worry not, as we’ve got our experts to curate this article just for your parents. We bring to your clever hacks to keep the kids engaged on those long drives with your car rental in Barsha and across Dubai.

Play the Classic I Spy Game

This one game certainly never gets old. While driving, you will come across several things that you can spy with your little eye. It will not only keep them entertained but also works as a good practice to learn colors. You just have to spot an object of a particular and say – I spy with my little eye, something in blue (which could be the clouds, for example).

I’m Going for A Picnic

Its practically an ABC that is played out loud, verbally. You start with the letter A and continue till you reach Z. Each one of you will have to say something that starts with the letter that reaches when its your turn. As an example, you’d say, ‘I’m going for a picnic with my basket of apples. The next person continues with I’m going for a picnic with my basket of balls.

Coloring Book

Get your kids age-appropriate coloring books, and pack it along with a bag of pens or crayons for your road trip. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to keep them entertained. Apart from coloring, they could also write a few words, or play a game of tic-tac-toe on the coloring book.

Pack A Reading Book

While this may sound like an obvious thing to do, it sure is a great approach to keep a reading book, especially one with pictures, and get them to read in turns. It allows you’ll to interact and keeps the conversation less fussy, and more interesting for all of you.

The Snack Game

Yes, we totally made that name up, but the game will work wonders for you and your children. Pack their favorite snack and play a little quiz along the way. For each right answer, you can reward them with their favorite snack. It will keep them motivated and build interest in the game.

Yellow Car!

Another classic! Remember the weird game that came into presence a few years ago, where you tap someone every time you spotted a yellow vehicle. Now you can replay it with your kids. You could also twist it by changing the colors after a few rounds, as it will also help them learn different colors.