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Driving Tips for Beginners

Driving is a thrilling experience. One requires practice and patience to be an expert in driving. However, being a pro in driving can never be done over time. As the saying goes, 'practice makes a man perfect. Well, the same rule applies to driving as well. If you want to excel as a driver, it is best to take the necessary precautions and drive safely.

You have come to the right page if you are new to driving. We will discuss and share some driving tips for absolute beginners. If you have recently got your driving license and are looking to brush up on your driving knowledge, it is best to buy a cheap rental car in Dubai. This way, you are not putting your vehicle at risk, and these rental cars have all the required insurance to cover accidental damage. It will save you the guilt of putting a dent or scratch on your brand new car. So, what are the driving tips for beginners?

Follow Traffic Rules

The roads in Dubai are filled with flyovers, multiple lanes, and speedy driveways. It's not an easy task to bring your car on these busy streets and drive your way through. Before you even get into the car and give your driving test, it is mandatory one learn and understand the basic traffic rules. Drivers must follow the rules. A beginner must know the one-way sign, zebra crossing sign, and other essential rules. Driving on the road will then be much easier.

Maintain Your Car Well

Now that you have a driving license and a car, it is mandatory to maintain the vehicle in working conditions. Ensure your vehicle is checked and insurance is paid on time. Regular checks like oil, water, brake fluids, and so on must be reviewed and maintained. Owners must do any repair immediately to avoid further damage to the car. Just getting the license and driving the vehicle is not enough. One must be a responsible driver who takes good care of their vehicle.

Don't Use Your Mobile While Driving

We often like to multitask. It includes speaking over the phone while driving. Although our brain is designed for multitasking, it is safe to avoid using mobiles while driving. You may say that mobile accessories are now available, which makes it easier to answer calls hands-free. However, it is always better to avoid distractions and concentrate on the road. If you get an urgent call that drivers cannot miss, always pull over the car at the nearest junction and attend the call.

Keep a Safe Distance

We often see cars displaying the message of keeping a safe distance. That's what we have to do. Dubai has smooth roads and speedy drives surfing through the streets. Driving close to another car can be fatal at times. If the vehicle in front of you applies an emergency brake, you can lose your control, thereby bumping it to its tailgate. Hence drivers can avoid such situations by keeping a safe distance between two moving vehicles.

Do Not Drink and Drive

It is the first rule that every driver must follow and obey. Drinking under the influence of alcohol or substance abuse can lead to accidents. Most cases of deaths have been recorded due to heavy drinking and driving. If you feel a little overwhelmed by the influence of alcohol, then it is best to rent a car from any leading car rental companies available in Dubai. Make sure you're safe, and the people around you matter the most.