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Dubai 2022 Traffic Regulations and Fines You Must Know

Industrialization has led to roads swarming with cars. It has also led to many unfortunate deaths caused by careless drivers. Due to this, governments all across the world decided to come up with rules and regulations for drivers driving on the roads. These regulations depend upon the type of car one is driving, the kind of road one is driving on, and any natural or industrial factors that might affect the condition of a particular route.

Most tourists rent cars when they travel to other countries due to the autonomy of having their own vehicle. This has become a booming business, leading to cheap car rentals across Dubai. It is suggested that whenever one goes to a new city or country, they should go over the local rules and regulations, including the signposts, and understand what they mean. Most rent a car Dubai facilities usually explain the local road rules when requested. This can help drivers navigate the roads smoothly and decrease the chances of any accidents happening.

What are some of the traffic regulations followed in Dubai?

Here are some essential rules to be mindful of while driving in Dubai:

  • Wearing a seat belt is compulsory on the road. This rule applies to the driver and any passengers in his or her vehicle. If a driver or a passenger is found breaking this rule, he or she will be fined 400 AED and get 4 black points on his or her record.
  • The use of mobile phones is not allowed. A driver is not permitted to use a mobile phone while driving. This includes text messaging, calling, or any other action. If caught breaking this rule, the driver will be fined 800 AED and receive 4 black points on his or her record.
  • Exceeding the mentioned speed limit is against the law. The general speed limit on the highways of Dubai is 100-120 km/h, 60-100 km/h on main roads, and 40-80 on more minor roads. The driver can be fined for crossing this limit based on how much he or she exceeds the speed limit. These penalties can range from a fine of 300-3000 AED to 6-32 black points on the record and even getting the car impounded based on the severity of the offense.
  • Driving while drunk is not allowed. If caught, an intoxicated driver will be fined a whopping 20,000 AED, imprisoned, receive 23 black points, and have his or her car impounded.

How to travel safely in Dubai with a rental car?

Due to cheap car rentals all across the city, cars have become more accessible to people. This has led to a more significant number of vehicles on the roads. While having many facilities that let people rent a car Dubai has made it easier for tourists and travelers to find their way across the city, it can lead to a greater risk of accidents due to the congestion of roads. This is why it is essential that all drivers, whether driving their own or rental cars, be clear about the rules and regulations of driving on Dubai roads to ensure their safety.