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5 Critical Aspects of Fines Levied on Dubai Roads

You might be surprised that there are as many as 138 different kinds of fines which are applicable on drivers on the streets of Dubai. This clearly shows the strict policy of the Traffic Police and other concerned authorities in the city who would like to see maximum discipline being followed by drivers. Some key aspects related to these fines are listed below.

Mobile Phone Usage while Driving

The fine for using your mobile phone while driving has been increased to 800 AED (at the time of writing this article) from 200 AED previously. In addition, 4 black points are added to your driving license. Clearly, using your mobile phone while driving is best avoided.

High-Tech Surveillance

Newbies especially take strict driving rules and applicable fines lightly, assuming they won’t be caught since no cop seemingly saw them committing the violation. Truth is surveillance in Dubai is really high-tech with cameras and various kinds of gadgetry catching errant driver behaviour with remarkable ease. 

So our advice would be to avoid being under the impression you won’t be caught – in all likelihood, you will be!

Strict Enforcement with Minimal to No Corruption

A key aspect of fines levied on the streets of Dubai is that enforcement is very strict. There is practically no way that you will be able to get away after committing a violation. In many parts of the world, you can bribe officials who caught you and get away with violations; not so in Dubai. So be careful and pay heed to all rules and regulations if you are to avoid fines.

Violations with Hefty Fines

Some violations carry hefty fines. These include violations for:

  • Wrong Parking
  • Over Speeding
  • Jumping a Red Light/Stop Sign

There are many other violations as well where the penalty is significant. So the broad aspect to keep in mind to avoid hefty fines would be to avoid wrongdoing, especially on the aspects mentioned above.

Fines have Improved Traffic Discipline

On a positive note, clearly the fines have acted as a huge deterrent for wrongful behaviour while driving on the streets of Dubai. Otherwise, there was a time when errant drivers would prefer to have their way no matter what. Now, with heavy fines that are strictly enforced, drivers think twice before committing a violation.


At Speedy Drive, we reckon that these fines have served as an excellent disciplinary medium. So drivers in Dubai should take things in the right spirit as thanks to these fines, we see much less violations of traffic rules and regulations.