Dubai Road Fines & Regulations

Very surprising though yet very true that there are as many as 138 types of fines faced by the residents of the UAE, traveling through the beautiful roads on daily basis. The List of Dubai Road Fines to Avoid contains the entire 138 different fines a driver could get while traveling on the roads. Reproducing the entire list here won’t be necessary as the same can have checked her, at Dubai Police Head Quarter Page.

In order to update our readers, it would be appropriate to mention only some important Road Fines.

A Glimpse

Take a look at the following 5 Road Fines alongside other details such as Violation, Amount of Fine, Period of Vehicle Retention and Period of Driving License Suspension:

Here is another interesting fact for your knowledge that according to an official statement by Dubai Police; texting while driving happens to be among the most common offences in the UAE.

Apart from its luxury or the sumptuousness, the city of Dubai is also known for its magnificent and smooth metal roads while the overall transportation infrastructure of this mega city is also worth praise. However, the numbers of traffic violations in Dubai are also on the very higher side which, is really very unfortunate.  That’s why it becomes imperative that to keep up with nonstop and emerging traffic violations; the issue needs to be update on regular basis.

Dubai Police Deserves Appreciation

The department deserves appreciation for introducing such significant changes in the list of Dubai Road Fines to make the drivers realize; that nor any traffic violation(s) would be tolerated and neither the driver(s) could avoid hefty fines. Mobile users, for instance would be facing a fine up to 800 dirhams while 4-black-points would also be added to the involved drivers’ license. (Earlier, the fine was only 200 dirhams).

Hefty Fines

The Per revised list of road fines, over-speeding, wrong-parking and violation of red signal offences could now cost the persons involved fairly heavy penalties in terms of fines.

A Positive Move

Our focus, however, should not only be towards the revised penalties over traffic violations as the Dubai Police Department also has some remarkable plans for Dubai residents and that is to ‘educate’ them; through numerous public campaigns on regular basis. Further, the prime focus of these proposed campaigns would be the younger generation, especially the teenagers.

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