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Features to Look for in an SUV Car Hire

SUVs and 4x4s are one of the favorite cars of Dubai residents and people who visit the city. Of course, the most common reason for that is the luxury these big vehicles offer. Another important factor is the off-roading capabilities. Dubai is a popular destination for desert safari and adventure. Hiring an all-terrain vehicle allows the renters to go on an off-road experience with their rental vehicle. Major car manufacturing brands make SUVs, and most car rental companies in Dubai offer them as rentals. Luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes and affordable brands such as Toyota and Hyundai have SUV models in their lineup. People looking to rent a car in Dubai have many options available, making it difficult to decide which vehicle to select. Continue reading below to learn about the most important things to consider before making your final decision about your SUV rental car.


The number of seats in the cabin is an important characteristic of any car, especially in an SUV. Often tourists who are traveling with a large group of people opt for an SUV. Nowadays, you will find SUV rentals with one or two rows of rear passenger seats. Thus, the capacity of the cabin is from 5 to 8 people. Choose an SUV model based on your needs: family trips out of town or long-distance travel necessitate a certain level of comfort. More people can fit in an 8-seater car, but it will not be very comfortable for longer trips. The gold standard is a five-seater SUV with a large luggage compartment.

Security & Reliability

Even on highways, the chances of getting into an accident that endangers the driver and passengers are quite high. The probability increases when you drive on rougher terrain. A car's safety features are extremely important to consider when driving on off-roads, especially with your family. When renting SUVs, check the presence of seat belts and airbags. Additional systems, such as parking sensors, cruise control, autonomous braking system, etc., are installed in almost all modern SUV cars.

A truly reliable SUV will not let you down on city streets, highways, or unpaved roads. The main indicators that you will not get stuck in the mud or sand are frame construction, good suspension, and a powerful motor. Do your research and ask the car rental company about this information when you hire a car in Dubai.

Comfort level

Given that off-road driving cannot, in principle, be called comfortable, a good SUV should provide the proper level of comfort even when driving over rough terrain. In addition, if you are using the SUV rental as a family car for city trips, among other things, it must be fully equipped to carry passengers. Climate control, heated seats, comfortable dashboard, good visibility, and sound insulation - these features and devices must be present in a well-designed SUV car.

Luggage Space

When going on a family trip, it is always important to ensure that everything you need for the trip fits in the car: personal items, essential equipment, food, necessary tools, etc. That is why a roomy trunk is one of the most important characteristics of an SUV. In some models, the volume of the luggage compartment can be adjusted by folding or completely dismantling a row of rear passenger seats.


A classic SUV is an all-wheel drive vehicle. Front or rear-wheel drive certainly has its advantages, but they are not suitable for off-road driving. The 4x4 wheel drive guarantees excellent desert safari and dune bashing experience and vehicle stability.

Check for the engine power and top speed if you are seeking the thrill of adventure. You will find many SUV rentals with twin turbo engines or supercharged engines generating extreme horsepower.


If you are visiting Dubai and looking to rent an SUV, Speedy Drive is at your service. We have a large fleet of SUVs and 4x4 cars from all the major brands in the industry. Our rental vehicles are well-maintained, so our customers enjoy the best driving experience ever.