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Five Driving Habits That Will Ruin Your Car

Everyone wants to buy a car that is durable and of good quality. However, the issue sometimes is not that the car you purchased is not sustainable. It sometimes arises because your maintenance habits are bad. Hence, by simply improving the way you handle and maintain your car, you will be able to preserve its high performance for a long time. The wrong question to ask is - what do I need to achieve optimum performance for a long time? This is because there are a number of things you should not do to maintain your car well. There are some bad habits you should avoid to keep your automobile in good condition. What are they? You don’t need to search further because this article contains five of such habits. Lised below are five common practices that can reduce the longevity of your car:

The Sudden Application of the Brake

This is one of the subtlest ways to ruin your car slowly. It is nice when you drive at high speed and enjoy the full velocity of your car, but you need to be wary of applying brake consistently. Doing so affects the brakes and the engine of your car adversely. Your car will be better off if you avoid this.

Not Slowing Down When You are Close to Speed-Breakers/Potholes

This is a common habit among all drivers. Although it is not always deliberate, you should avoid letting this happen often. Driving over potholes has adverse effects on your vehicle. For example, the shock absorbers and the springs of your suspension will be put under considerable pressure.

Revving your Engine While it is Cold

Most car manuals instruct car users to avoid revving their engine while it is cold. Unfortunately, a lot of car users still end up doing this often. The performance of your car will be negatively affected when you are fond of revving your car without letting it warm up. This is because the engine of your car is designed to operate effectively at warm temperatures.

Not Washing Your Car

A culture of regularly washing your car visibly appealing. However, this is not the only advantage. It helps to keep the paint on your car intact. This habit also ensures that your vehicle will not be prone to minor scratches. Hence, you will be prolonging the longevity of your car when you wash it regularly.

Not Changing the Engine Oil Regularly

The irregularity associated with changing engine oil has to do with both frequency and quantity. In other words, you need to avoid replacing the engine oil of your car irregularly. It has to be done as instructed by the manufacturer without fail. If not, this bad habit will ruin your vehicle quickly. This is because it slowly reduces the effectiveness of your car.