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Five Gems in Abu Dhabi To Explore with Your Rental Car

While Dubai has always been the Middle East's popular choice for tourists, the capital city Abu Dhabi will catch you by surprise. Abu Dhabi is home to the royalty and wealth of the Arab Sheikhs, and unlike Dubai, it is extremely rich in culture. Just a 90-minute drive from Dubai, you can conveniently commute to this city with your sedan, crossover, or hatchback car rental. Here we've discussed some of the hidden gems in the capital city.

Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace is the third most expensive and grandeur hotel built in Abu Dhabi. It is one of the most visited tourist spots in the capital. The palace evokes an immense amount of royalty and opulence. You can either stroll down the endless corridors or keep the car enthusiastic quality in you alive by gazing at the lineup of fancy vehicles parked by the palace.

Abu Dhabi Corniche

The corniche is a beautiful promenade with direct access to the public beach. Crystal clear water, white-creamy textured sand, and clear blue skies, the views are not to be missed here. Drive to this beautiful and relaxing location to experience utmost serenity along with spectacular views of the skyline.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Here's where the beauty of the UAE resides. The mosque us a spectacular concoction of gleaming white marble, with dozens of domes and minarets. It is made almost entirely of 15 varieties of white marble, which have come from various countries, and richly adorned with expensive materials such as gold. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is designed with millions of gold-plated chandeliers, that reflect a golden light throughout the mosque. The world's largest carpet adds to the beauty of the mosque. We recommend visiting at dusk, to witness this shiny and glorious piece of architecture.

Yas Island

We all love a perfect weekend getaway with our friends or family, and there is no better place than Yas Island. With stretches of white sandy beach perfect for sunbathing on, this place offers a fun-filled leisure time for anyone and everyone. So, gather your gang and head for a road trip with your car rental to Yas Island. It offers shopping, leisure, and entertainment at one destination.

Emirates Park Zoo

The Emirates Park Zoo is a short drive away from the city and is home to several exotic animals. It's an ideal location for both adults and kids. You'll find rare white tigers, elephants, zebras, Siberian bears, and giraffes amongst several other animals. The addition of feeding and petting the animals surely enhances the experience. So, get your car rental today and drive to the Emirates Park Zoo for a fun day out with your family.