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Five Reasons Why You Should Opt for Insurance with Your Car Rental

Have you been planning to rent an economy car in Dubai? Besides the apparent checklist such as pricing, brand, and maintenance support, the one thing that you should include is the rental insurance for the car you choose to lease or rent.

Insurance is not just some extra cost to your rental expense. It is an essential step to ensure that your trip either of pleasure or business is worry-free and secure. Just as there are various options on the car rental agreements and services provided, insurance also comes in varied aspects depending on what is covered, and the legalities involved.

The information regarding car rental insurance can be overwhelming. Hence you need to focus on it and choose the best options that make you feel safe.

Here are some reasons why you should never forego getting insurance for your rental cars.

Minimize Risks

The best way to feel safe on a road trip besides following all the road rules is to opt for insurance coverage. While insurance is usually provided as an optional add-on by car rental companies, it is always good to have them, to save yourself from hard selling at rental desks. Better be safe than sorry! Be it financial risks or peace of mind, taking insurance for your rentals will be your contingency when something unexpected happens.


UAE law requires rental companies to provide insurance in their price package. Dubai will become an even friendlier place to visit when you know how good their insurance coverage minimizes your risks. If in case you have an accident, not by your fault, you don't have to worry at all. Police reports will be made, and you can rest assured that you will not spend an extra penny for any damages caused.

Avoid Repair Costs

Car rental companies expect you to take responsibility when you rent their cars. This responsibility includes giving back their car in the exact state it was rented out. Even scratches and repairs after a trip could cost you extra. Now you can try bargaining a little, but it will not be as helpful as insurance would help.

Do not even try to repair the damaged parts by yourself as it could end up costing more than your rental price. Rental companies would take care of it if you had opted for suitable insurance.

Safe and Legally Sound Solutions to Accidents

Insurance coverage lets you count your risks and be safe from several persecutions in case of an accident. Be it your fault or someone else's, the type of insurance that you opted for will provide you with the necessary legal protection if needed.

Insurance is essentially a legal document that will help you cite what you can or cannot expect in an unexpected situation, and this helps you plan better and take informed decisions.

Varied Options to Choose From

There are a variety of insurance packages available depending upon the costs covered.

Some of the common insurance types available in UAE are:

  • Liability insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Personal effects cover- to protect your belongings in the car.
  • Comprehensive protection that can cover all your expenses if you have a police report.
  • Full coverage that includes everything and is usually the most expensive option available.

Read through your insurance document and choose the terms that fit you the most. Try balancing your costs and risks as taking insurance is all about minimizing risks and feeling secure.