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Five Tips to Drive Safely During a Sandstorm

Desert regions and sand form a significant characteristic of all the gulf countries. Dusty sandstorms are a common situation often faced by the drivers on the Dubai roads. Driving amidst dusty sandstorms becomes a major issue as it highly impairs a driver's visibility of the roads ahead. As sandstorms are a frequent occurrence at least twice a year, it is almost inevitable to avoid one in your driving journey. However, a few simple tips can help you drive cautiously and prevent any significant mishap while driving during a sandstorm in Dubai.  

Practice Safe Driving

Sandstorms bring in tons of dusty sand that fly in the air, and it also impairs your vision by covering your car's windshield. To tackle this almost zero visibility situation, it is essential to drive slowly and concentrate on the lanes. Turn on your headlights and the fog lights to make sure other drivers see your vehicle and prevent a collision. Keep all distractions like mobile phones or other devices aside and switch off the radio to hear any noise from outside.  

Never Stop Suddenly

Abrupt braking in the middle of the road can easily lead to a collision. The other drivers may not be prepared for it or miss it because of reduced vision. Other motorists may not get the proper signal of your vehicle stopping or may not be in a position to stop suddenly because of the other cars behind in a row. If the condition is worse and you can't see beyond 300m ahead, slow down and slowly move towards the side of the road. When you locate an appropriate location, stop the vehicle, and turn off all the lights.

Never Stop Suddenly

Strictly Maintain Distance

As this is the general driving norm, extra care should be given to this rule during a sandstorm. The roads' impaired visibility also tends to make other vehicles invisible, which can lead to unwanted surprises if you are driving very close to other cars. Slow down your vehicle and give more than enough space for the fellow drivers to move safely.  

Move to Higher Ground

While stuck in a sandstorm situation, it is vital to understand its characteristic to make the right move. The sandstorm's intensity is maximum close to the ground, decreasing as you go away from the ground. So, if you see any higher region raised from the ground level, move on that path, as this will help you get out of the windy storm's peak location to a much lighter place.  

Shut All Windows Tight

As during a sandstorm, you ought to be amidst dusty winds carrying tons of sand loads, closing all the windows and vents of your car tight is a necessary thing to do. This will save your vehicle from being filled with fine sands that may obstruct your vision and cause serious respiratory problems.