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Five Ways to Entertain Your Back-Seat Travelers

Long car drives are ideal if you wish to spend quality time visiting Dubai with your friends and family. It only adds up to all those joyful memories that you can cherish all along. It is ideal to rent a car in Dubai since it can cut down your travel expenses. Exploring the cities in the UAE is in itself very exciting. However, the long road trips from one place to another can sometimes be boring with sand dunes all along your journey. It is the time when you need something exciting to reduce the boredom of your fellow travelers. Here are a few tips to keep your back-seaters active throughout the trip.


It is one of the most exciting games to play while you are driving through the city. All you would need for the game is some paper and pencils. Someone calls out the street's name, and everyone gets busy writing down as many words as possible with the street name. You give your back-seaters a specific time to finish the first round and check for the words written down. A lengthy street name can very often be so much fun.

Music in the Air

Traveling is the time when you run down the playlist of so many songs you haven't heard for ages. It is time for the right tune and immersing yourself in the enchanting music that helps to keep the boredom aside. You are likely to find various compilations of songs for your road trips that can keep you up without having to worry about the long drives. Some songs ultimately get everyone involved and make it the most enjoyable time ever.

Give Them a Map

Travelling is not just fun but for many who are keen on studying the map so that you don't end up taking a wrong turn. Taking maps on your road trips is essential so that people at the back seat are not fed up with just sitting. They can go through the map and direct the driver to stay active through the long journey.  

Scavenger Hunt Bingo

It is just a suitable game to play when you have kids on your journey. Let the kids prepare a list of things on their cards that they may come across while traveling. As soon as they see that thing, they move to the next one and look for it. The one who finishes first, finding all the items on the cards, wins the game. You have your imaginative ways to play this with the kids.

Something to Watch

When you have something to watch, an exciting movie, you never realize how time flies, especially while traveling on a long road trip. You may have a list of thrillers or action movies to run while you drive through the city. It keeps the travelers engaged, especially the back-seaters making their road trip quite a memorable one.

In Conclusion

So, if you are planning a long trip in Dubai , a Car rental company can assist you with the vehicle of your choice to drive around the city and enjoy all your favorite games.