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Five Commonly Seen Fuel Policies for Rental Cars in Dubai

Policies related to the usage of fuel needs to looked into in detail before hiring a car from any agency. This article is aimed at listing out the most relevant and commonly seen fuel policies in the Emirate. By having an understanding of these points, you will be able to analyse your rental agreement and thereby save yourself from unnecessary hidden charges.

Full to Full

As per this agreement, your rental car is handed to you with a fully filled tank. At the end of your rental term you are expected to hand over the vehicle with a fully filled tank. If you fail to do, then you will have to pay up based on the amount of missing fuel. If your rental agreement has such as clause make sure your top up the fuel level prior to returning the car.

Same to Same

This is similar to the above mentioned policy. Here you are expected to return the vehicle with the same quantity of fuel it had during the time you received it. So if you had received a vehicle that was half-full you are expected to return it with the same amount. May be a bit More but definitely Not Less.

Full to Empty

In this case, you will receive the vehicle with a fully filled. However, in this case you have the freedom to return the car with an empty tank. Keep in mind you will not be compensated for any fuel you haven’t used. If you choose to return it empty, make sure you don’t get stuck on the road on the way.

Free Tank

This involves giving you a completely filled fuel tank at the time of renting. However, you have complete freedom on how you wish to return it. For those likely to travel quite a bit and use quite a significant amount of fuel, this would be a suitable option.

Partial Refund on a Full to Empty Policy

This is a slight variant of the “Full to Empty” policy above. Here, you will actually be refunded or compensated for any leftover fuel. In case of short drives where you know you will not end up consuming all the fuel in the tank, this would be a good policy of fuel to go in for.


Policies for fuel vary across car rental firms. It is in your own interest to be clear about the fuel policy that applies on the vehicle you are renting. At Speedy Drive, we are proud of the transparency we have on the fuel policies that we follow at all times.