Fuel policies in car hire

A hire car needs fuel and the charges of that fuel are hardly ever included in the rental price. There are numerous car hire companies to pick from. Every company sets their individual fuel policy that make it mystifying for customers, thus Your Ultimate Guide to Fuel Policies is right here to help you.

Supplier fuel policies

A car is zero without fuel and usually fuel is not included in the car rental charges. Companies define how you pay for fuel in their fuel policy. Each car rental company will have their own fuel policy. You can spot the fuel policy options during your search and the fuel policy of the company that you have hired in your booking voucher.

Most car rental companies involve a deposit at the start of the car rental. The deposit will be recompense upon returning the car, given that the car is return according to the policy.

Full to Full

Your car will have a filled tank of fuel upon pick-up. When you return the car, the tank must be full. Make sure you return the car with a full tank to ignore any avoidable charges. If the tank is not full the company will fill up the tank at a high price than the local petrol stations and they will accuse you an administration fee. We encountered that most customers are happy with full to full policies. Some companies will also put forward half to half and quarter to quarter fuel policies. These work just the same way. return the tank as it was, when you were given; to avoid charges.

Full to Empty

At pick-up, you hold on a car with a full tank of fuel. But when you return the car, the tank does not need to be full, as there is no recompense for the unused fuel with this policy.

Full to Empty with a partial refund

If you don’t like to be anxious about refueling the car you can acquire a full to empty policy. This works great for people who recognize they will be driving a lot and will make use of a full tank. At pick-up, you get a car with a full tank of fuel. So when you return the car, the tank should not be full and you will get a refund on the unused fuel when you give back the car.

Free Tank

A free tank is integrated in the rates of your car rentals. You can give back the car with any level of fuel. You will not get a recompense for any extra fuel. This is perfect when you are aware of the fact that you will make use of a lot of fuel on your journey. It’s not the cheapest option at all times and is thought of as a bonus when car rental companies offer a free tank.

Get a good overview of your options and what to be prepared for next time you choose your Car hire!

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