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Top 5 Games to Keep You Entertained on Your Dubai Road Trip

After a while, many road trips end up getting arduous and boring, especially when there is a large group and not much activity going on. Accordingly, we have listed some games here which you can partake in to keep your road trip with your cheap or luxury rental car fun and exciting!

Tic Tac Toe

A game we have been playing since childhood, it is essentially nothing but Knots and Crosses played on a piece of paper. So naturally, there is really no equipment as such required for this, and folks can easily keep themselves occupied on Dubai road trips!

20 Questions

Another easy game where once a particular person, place or object has been thought of, answers to questions are allowed only in the form of a Yes or a No till an accurate answer is provided. This is a great way to keep an entire entourage occupied during a road trip since there are so many questions that can be asked (20, as the name of the game implies).

Connect the Dots

Small children will especially enjoy this game. As the name suggests, it simply involves connecting dots on sheets of paper to ultimately form objects such as animals or other items that children fancy. This is an especially great way of keeping children engaged on long road trips.

I Spy Game

Again, a great game to keep kids engaged. You simply give clues about an object till the other person is able to guess that object correctly. Of course, adults can play this game as well but it is especially recommended as a means of keeping children occupied – who can otherwise end up being quite restless on long road trips.

Road Trip Bingo

This game has its own set of paraphernalia that include a printed bingo card along with 16 pennies as well as a zip lock bag. These items are placed on flat surfaces such as a book or clipboard that are in turn kept on the laps of players. The game is all about spying items from the cards one has and covering the picture for that with the pennies we mentioned. Yes, there is some additional equipment involved here in this game but when handled carefully, this game works out really well and keeps folks on a Dubai road trip well occupied for long.


Dubai road trips, especially long distance ones, can get monotonous and boring after a while. The games we have listed here can help keep the monotony at bay. At Speedy Drive, you can easily rent any of the numerous rental cars we have on offer and take them on long road trips in and around Dubai, enjoying some of the games we have mentioned here!