Funny and Innovative Road Trip Games are Beneficial

Do you often have to travel long time in car with your small kids? Do you often face difficulty to engage your kids with something while traveling a long distance during weekends? If your answer is yes, you should definitely think about a few innovative and funny road trip games available for kids, which we have mentioned in our blog post.

Road Trip Bingo

Road trip bingo is an exciting yet funny game, which combines bingo with a scavenger type of hunt. The game provides each child a flat type of surface, like a hardcover book or a clipboard to put on the lap. In this way, each player gets printable bingo card in combination with 16pennies and a zip-lock bag. Whenever any player spies a specific item from his card, he covers the respective picture by using a penny. Similar to any regular bingo game, first player who succeeds to cover each square present in a straight horizontal line becomes the winner.

I Spy Game

If you are a parent or caregiver of a 2year or 2 and half-year-old child, you should definitely consider I Spy game while you travel with your little kids in a car. I spy with my eyes that there is something red. This is one of the easy learning game and perfect for pre-school kids. The best thing about the road trip game is that it keeps your kids entertained even for long hours.

Furthermore, the game has simple and easy directions i.e. a player spies anything and recites about it in a line to give a clue. Other players have to guess the mysterious item based on the given clue.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a simple and easy game to play for kids while traveling in a car. The game suits perfectly for every child more than 4 years. To play Tic Tac Toe, you only need a pencil and two players. According to the game, Player1 has to put X on the gaming grid, while Player2 has to place O. Both of then continue taking turns until and unless a single player succeeds to get three X vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Connect the Dots

If your child is fond of drawing and painting activities, you should definitely think about engaging your child with Connect the Dots game while making journey in a car. Here, each player uses crayons or different color pencils. Moreover, the free printable game sheet provides quick set related to gaming directions, so that your little one enjoys the game in the best possible way.

20 Questions

Another easy game to try for young kids is 20-Questions, which comes with straightforward gaming rules. A player has to think about a particular person, thing or a place. Other players have to say Yes or No as answers to the asked questions. Once an answer completes, questioner gets a change to guess. Gaming will continue until any player makes accurate guesses.

In conclusion, we should say that taking your little ones on a road trip is not a hassle. Instead, you should give them interesting games to play.

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