Get the extreme sight at Dubai’s best venues

Dubai is a destination with ample of places to visit around, however the distance between the destinations create a tiff completely. Renting a taxi can have both advantages and disadvantages too; but in case you are someone who wants to stay away from the hassle of traveling across Dubai on your own then definitely you can count on a taxi. Here are the best places which you can visit in a rented car;

Abu Dhabi is encompassed by an excellent desert. You can opt to travel in your rented vehicle, in case you have booked a safari. The expense can be anywhere in between 50 AED to 115 AED depending on the car you choose. The Quarter, extends south from Abu Dhabi and is around the extent of France. In the event that you remove E11 from Abu Dhabi and, the E65 south you'll begin to see the quiet and apparently unlimited rises.

For adrenaline junkies with an adoration for fast paced vehicles you can travel the famous Ferrari World Theme Park  on Yas Island The island is additionally home to a world class engine sports race track, and a shocking green for those looking for gentler interests. Other than this, the waterpark at Yas Island too is an exceptional place to visit. Shahrjah is one such place in UAE which you can definitely visit during your trip. The rental cars are always a handy options, however there are some documents which you need to pick up, as you consider renting a car in Dubai;

You need to have a valid international driving license and the passport and VISA handy as you drive in the car on the busy roads of Dubai.

You can pick a rental car from the specific location, or can book it as with your travel partner such as Yaatra. Com or Makemy trip to save down your bills.

Few things which you need to take care in case you are traveling to Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s best places in a rented car includes;

  1. Never take it on the deserted roads or Sand dunes, as it can be a costly affair.
  2. Make sure that you always carry your identity documentation, since missing on them can even levy a term in Dubai.
  3. Try and park on the designated places, in case you are not well versed with the roads, you can always opt for the map , or can count on cars with drivers.

All this will ensure a trip packed with leisure and fun along with being leaving fantastic memories to cherish.

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