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Top 5 Reasons to Rent an Economy Car in Dubai

At Speedy Drive, we are of course very proud of the wide range of cars that we have for you to rent. Economy cars makeup a major portion of our car rental fleet, they are a favorite among customers for its pricing and ease-of-use. Clearly, it does make sense to rent these cars over others.

Better Mileage

The gas mileage on economy cars is (rather obviously!) better than other cars. So, once you rent these vehicles, you will be spending significantly less on gas as compared to others. While fuel prices in Dubai may be relatively modest as compared to many other parts of the world, they are rising constantly, which is why keeping a tab on gas mileage will in turn ensure that your costs are kept in check as well.

Less Rental Costs

It will of course be cheaper to rent economy vehicles as compared to other larger or premium ones. So again, you will save by going in for an economy car, especially since the rental for it can in fact be as little as 40 AED a day. For many travelers to Dubai, this alone proves to be a major reason for them to opt for economy cars in particular.

Easier to Drive

Most economy cars are much easier to drive as compared to premium sedans or SUVs. In those cars, some of the advanced features can end up causing major confusion for some drivers! Economy cars on the other hand are fairly straightforward and most drivers find them easy to drive and maneuver.

Easier Parking

Parking is another issue, with large SUVs requiring that much more space. In any parking spot which is fairly tight, you will be all the more worried in case you have rented a premium sedan or any premium vehicle. With an economy car, finding parking space is easy; you also usually tend to have better peace of mind about parking space with an economy vehicle.

Easier Self Movement

As compared to many other larger vehicles, you will yourself find it easier to get in and out of economy cars. The same will be true of those traveling with you as well. Therefore, even from a self-movement perspective, it does make sense to rent an economy car.


While Dubai as a whole – and our service in particular, offers the widest choice of cars for rent in Dubai, renting an economy car does make a lot of sense. Therefore, if you are unsure of which category vehicle to rent, while being keen on factors mentioned above such as ease of parking, easy maneuverability as well as light on the pocket, economy cars would make an excellent choice by far.