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Guide to Understand Salik Account 2022 and Tips to Avoid Fines

If you are offering to hire a car in Dubai as a rental service, it is probably best to familiarize yourself with road transportation taxes and toll services. Every place has a road taxation policy outlined for the people to follow, especially people who are driving commercial vehicles such as cabs, taxis, etc.

Like other nations, Dubai has its toll or road tax known by Salik. Continue reading to find out all about the Salik account and ways to avoid penalties connected to it.

Salik Tag

The UAE government started an automatic toll collection setup that gives automobiles access to go through toll gates spread across Dubai. The government planned to create a seamless tax collection system that would not require the driver to stop and pay the tax manually. Hence, Salik was introduced in 2007.

RFID system (Radio Frequency Identification technology) was built for easy scanning of the Salik tags that verifies the vehicle as well as deducts the stipulated fare out of the prepaid Salik accounts.

How to Open a Salik Account?

For service providers like offering cars for rent, getting a Salik account is very crucial. The process is relatively easy by filling out the application on the Salik Government website and visiting selected banks such as Dubai Islamic Bank. Some petrol stations also offer to open Salik accounts too.

You need to show your Card Registration Card, License, and ID during the process of opening the account. Once the formalities are completed, you must pay 100 AED for the tag and account balance. After getting details to access  the Salik account online, you can stick the label on your car and manage the account balance by recharging it through online transactions.

Avoiding a Fine on the Salik Account

Fines are trouble in paradise and every vehicle owner is afraid to pay one, especially on the Dubai roads. So if you want to keep your Salik account safe from bearing any penalty, here is what you can do:

Recharge your Salik account at all times with enough balance

Always have a Salik tag on your vehicle to avoid paying a fine every time.

Have one Salik tag for all your vehicles under one Traffic File.

Few vehicles like military cars, college, and school buses, or ambulances get relaxation of not paying Salik tax. There are no caps associated with how many times a vehicle would be toll charged for making trips. Salik makes it easier for people to travel without stopping at each toll gate, technically advancing the process.