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Healthy Road Trip Snacks for Your Vacation in Dubai

It is the journey and not the destination that matters the most. This statement can be truly felt when you are coursing through the beautiful vastness among the dunes of Dubai. But amidst all the wonders that your soul will soak in on the roads in Dubai, you might forget that something else matters too. Your hungry stomach and what it needs!

Too often, road trips go synonymous with junk food or lesser alternatives that could end up ruining your bliss. While anything can become a beautiful memory, believe me, when I say having to search for that one food place on a long road or getting indigestion from unhealthy foods are not something that needs to go down your memory lane.

So here are some cheap and healthy snacks to munch upon as you drive into beautiful sunsets. And the best part about these snacks is that they are equally healthy and delicious.

Wholegrain Crackers with Cheddar Cheese

Crackers and cheese are a match made in heaven. There are only two steps involved in their making. Take a wafer, slide in a slice of cheese. Viola, you get a delicious combo that will add the touch of leisure to your road trip without any added health concerns.

Just remember to pack in healthy crackers like the ones made of rice. You can also dip them in low-fat cheese and savor their crunchiness.

Nuts, Nuts, and Nuts

Nuts are a must-have on any road trip. These protein powerhouses can be easily bought from your next-door grocery. It just makes sense to have them during the road trip. Add in a mix of peanuts, walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, dry fruits to make a trail mix. Just make sure you pack a lot, as nuts have the magical quality of running out so fast because they are that good.

Fruit Salad

Who hates fruits? No one, I say. You may not like all them, but everyone has a favorite fruit to which they cannot say No! Not only is it a healthy choice to bring them along during the road trip, but they are also a sweet and tasty choice. Fruits will also help you stay hydrated and provide you minerals and vitamins which are necessary for those long-trips.

Just cut up your favorite fruits and make a salad. Mixing in a little bit of honey or yogurt can enhance its awesomeness.


Now some of you may not find vegetables as an attractive snack. But believe me, the freshness and taste you get when you dig into a carrot stick or celery dipped in sauce or cheese can make you forget you ever hated veggies. Veggies are a perfect snack for a road trip. They are light, easy to prepare, and healthy to eat.

You can add in a little bit of salt or pepper to the veg salad to make it more delectable. Pita wraps stuffed with vegetables are also good to go.

Cookies and Energy Bars

For those of you with a sweet tooth, remember cookies are always a great option as a snack. Especially oatmeal, ginger, and whole-grain cookies made at home can be a great snack to munch on any occasion. Energy bars can also be easily made at home with a mixture of nuts and easy bake recipes. Try to opt for low sugar cookies and protein bars to stay on the right side of calories.

Finally, besides all the munching and crunching snacking, don't forget to pack some of the essentials like lots of water, necessary cutlery, sanitizer, ice packs, and wipes. Have an enjoyable road trip on your hired car in Dubai with no food worries.