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Tips to Minimize Time at the Airport Car Rental Queue in Dubai

The car rental queue at Dubai International Airport is invariably very long. After all, there are so many passengers disembarking at the airport, all on the lookout for a car to rent. Fortunately for you, using the tips provided in this article, you can actually minimize the time that you spend at that queue.

Proceed Straight after Immigration to the Car Rental Counter

Most passengers go to the car rental counter only after collecting their baggage but by this time the rush at the counter increases significantly. If you are traveling with friends or family members, we recommend having them collect your baggage while you proceed straight to the car rental counter after immigration. This will save precious time and help you minimize time spent at the counter.

Have your Paperwork Ready

A lot of the delay that we witness at the counter is because people do not have their paperwork in place. In fact it is very frustrating for others in the queue when the person at the counter starts to look around for papers and then obviously ends up wasting precious time of everyone.

Research the Car Rental Process in Dubai – and the firms at the Airport

Researching the car rental process in Dubai, including the car rental businesses active at the airport, will save you from a lot of unnecessary time wastage. After all, you will be well prepared in terms of what to expect, the questions you would be asked, the security deposit you are to make, and so on.

You can also shortlist the car rental firms you would prefer to opt for, in advance so that you straightaway head to those counters instead of inquiring at multiple ones.

Carry Multiple Credit Cards on you

In any case, whenever you travel, it is always advised that you carry multiple credit cards on you. In this particular case, it will help save you a lot of time at the counter since there is always the possibility of a card not functioning – just when you want it to! With an alternative credit card at your disposal, you can ensure that the non-functional card does not come in the way of your getting the job done sooner.


Some simple initiatives at your end can ensure that you spend minimal time at the car rental counter at Dubai International Airport.

At Speedy Drive, we are proud of offering a seamless car rental experience where the whole process of renting a car from us can be completed in minutes!