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Top 4 Tips to Avoid Road Accidents in Your Rental Car

When you rent a car – whether in Dubai or anywhere else, you have added responsibility of ensuring the wellbeing of not just yourself and your near and dear ones, but also that of the vehicle that you have rented.

In this article, we share some really useful tips to ensure that both you, your loved ones as well as the vehicle you have rented – all remain safe and sound.

Avoid Mobile Phone Usage while Driving

To the maximum extent possible, you must avoid mobile phone usage while driving. In Dubai as well as most other parts of the world, we have noticed that a lot of accidents take place when passengers – especially the driver, end up using the mobile phone. Therefore, simply avoiding doing so while driving your cheap car rental from dubai airport terminal 1 can go a long way in ensuring road safety.

Keep the Music Volume Low

Another big mistake made by many drivers – especially while renting a vehicle, is that they tend to keep the volume of the music that they are listening to, way too loud. This is not a good habit at all. You should always try to ensure that the music system on your vehicle plays music at a volume which does not hinder listening to exterior sounds. Only then will you be in total control of your vehicle – as well as be aware of your surroundings.

Drinking and Driving is an Absolute No-No

In all likelihood, you are well aware that drinking itself is a major taboo in the UAE, Dubai included. Now, when you drink and drive, your wrongdoing increases even manifold. This is even more so when you rent a vehicle and drive it. Therefore, under no circumstances should you ever drink and drive, not only in Dubai (where the penalty can be really very harsh) but in any part of the world.

Only Drive When You Really Know How to

You should never drive if you do not know how to; this fact is all the more applicable in case of a rental vehicle, where your liability in case of any unfortunate happenstance is even higher. So, make sure you come with ample driving experience, before taking on a rental vehicle.

This especially includes at least some degree of familiarity with the type of vehicle you are renting, be it an SUV, a sedan, a hatchback, and so on.


A road accident is the absolute last thing you want when looking to have a pleasurable experience such as renting out a vehicle in Dubai.

At Speedy Drive, we always ensure doing thorough checks and balances on the folks we rent our vehicles to, to ensure that there is absolutely nothing unfortunate that takes place under any circumstances whatsoever.