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Top 5 Precautions to Take While Driving in Dubai

You must always drive carefully, no matter where in the world you may be driving. At the same time, talking about Dubai in particular, there are some unique challenges that can emerge while driving in the city with your budget rent a car in Dubai. This article lists out the precautions you should take to help you overcome such challenges.

Maintain Distance

Tailgating is a peculiar bad habit prevalent among a lot of Dubai drivers. As a savvy and cautious driver in Dubai, firstly you should not tail gate. Further, anytime you notice someone else tailgating your vehicle, try and pre-emptively increase the distance between your vehicle and that one. This way, you will prevent any untoward incident, should you need to stop or slow down suddenly.


In spite of strictly enforced speed limits, many drivers in Dubai choose to ignore such rules. Again, as a cautious driver, you must ensure you follow designated speed limits with your monthly rental car. Moreover, you must be wary of other drivers that tend to over speed. Giving them way to let them pass is the safest bet against such errant drivers.

Obstacles on the Road

Goats and camels are sudden obstacles on the road which you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the world as frequently as in and around Dubai. Your safest bet would always be to drive slowly and carefully, aware of the fact that such obstacles may emerge out of the blue at just about any time.

Improper Use of Headlights

In most other places in the world, flashing headlights is used as a sign of caution for the driver on the opposite side, in Dubai, it is a sign of errant drivers wanting to pass through, no matter what the situation at hand may be like. As a cautious driver, just let such drivers pass without paying heed to this kind of irresponsible behavior.

Jay-Walking Pedestrians 

With millions of visitors flocking to Dubai each year, many pedestrians on the streets are simply not aware of (or just don’t care about!) traffic rules such as where they can cross roads, etc. As a responsible driver, you need to be careful about jaywalkers. The best solution is always to drive slowly with complete attention on the road. That way, even if a pedestrian suddenly emerges out of nowhere, you are in a position to keep the situation under control.


Dubai has its own set of unique dynamics when it comes to driving on its streets. Accordingly, at Speedy Drive Car Rental, we always encourage our car renters to exercise extreme caution while driving on the streets of Dubai.