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Top 5 Tips to Help You Save a Buck on Car Rentals

A variety of ways – some obvious and some ingenious, can actually help you save significantly on car rental costs in Dubai. Many customers simply do not realize that the potential to save substantially on car rental costs does exist; they simply go by the expenses they are told they would have to incur – that need not be the case.

Shop Around

Car rental firms are plenty and constantly on the rise. With so many customers preferring to rent vehicles vis-à-vis owning them or relying completely on public transport, the number of car rental firms has gone up substantially. In a competitive market scenario, the same model of vehicle that you desire may be offered at varying rates. So, make sure to shop around before you finalize on a monthly rent car deal.

Don’t Hesitate to Negotiate

Most car rental companies are in fact open to negotiations on the prices quoted. Of course, they may not be upfront about it. It is up to you to be savvy enough to negotiate on the price being offered. Depending on factors such as the vehicle being rented, the amount of business the car rental firm is getting, your own customer profile, etc. a reasonable negotiation can in fact be worked out.

Choose your Rental Car Wisely

Do you really need that full-blown SUV when you could very well do with a midsize sedan? If your requirement is minimal for a short period of time, could you do with a hatchback? These are questions you should ask yourself; after all, there would be substantial savings to be made, based on the make or model of vehicle that you rent.

Read the Car Rental Agreement Thoroughly

Make sure that you read the car rental agreement thoroughly, especially the fine print on it. In case there is a delay in returning the vehicle, what expenses will you incur? What deposit do you need to place on the vehicle while renting? Will the vehicle be given to you with a full tank of fuel? All these aspects will be clarified to you in the rental agreement; when you are clear about them, you can plan accordingly to avoid avoidable additional expenses.

Drive Carefully!

Finally, reckless driving and careless behavior such as improper parking (where the vehicle could be towed away or ticketed) will of course cost you dearly. So be careful, follow all traffic rules, and you won’t incur expenses which could dent a big hole in your pocket.


There are many ways in which you can save on car rental costs. At Speedy Drive Car Rental, we are proud of offering some of the best car rental rates that you can find, from the very outset!