How to keep the rented car in good condition?

Car renting is a very common practice. Everyone these days prefer renting a car rather than travelling through public transport. The prices of car rental companies are very affordable and you can also get great deals in some car rental companies. When you rent a car you sign an agreement with the car rental company. The agreement includes various things such as the duration for which you are hiring the car, the total cost which you will pay for the car, the condition in which car is handed over to you and what penalty charges will be filed against you if any sort of damage is done to the car etc.

When you hire a car it becomes your responsibility to handover the car in the condition in which you got it. Sometimes it happens that you take the car to a place where there is lot of dust, sand and the car gets really dirty in this case you don’t understand that whether you should get the car washed before handing it over to the rental company or not.

  • If you get the car back with lot of dirt on it then you may have to pay extra charges as a penalty.
  • You can either wash the car yourself or give it to the car washers for cleaning. Always make sure that no damage is caused to the car while washing it, if any damage is done to the car you will have to pay for it.
  • Some of the car rentals charge valeting in advance, if this is the case then you can simply hand over the car to the company they will wash it themselves. Always talk about this in advance to the car rental company so that you well know in advance the pros and cons of things. It is better that you hire the car who include valeting fees in the car rent because it cost you less than the charges which you will have to pay outside for getting your car washed.

Sometimes it may happen that you may have to pay a lot of charges for getting your car washed because of the extreme bad condition of the car, so it is always advisable that you use the rental cars very carefully.

It Is a best practice to check the car for damages, dirt, any marks a night before returning the car back so that you can clean the marks and save yourself from paying penalty.

While you are using the rental car always be careful while eating inside the car especially keep an eye on your children because it is very difficult to remove food stains, park your car in open not under the tree because birds can dirty the car with their poo, clean the dirt from the foot mats and windows.

Being a little careful with your rented car can save your lot of money. Rent a car according the type of distance you have to travel in the car such as if you want to travel in a hilly area then big cars like duster and all will be beneficial so that you don’t have to face any problem and you don’t damage the car and pay penalty later on.

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