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Top 3 Tips to Help You Return a Clean Rental Car

It is true that when you rent a car to drive, it gets dirty as you use it. It is very unlikely that it will remain in the same pristine condition in which it was when you first rented it.

With that background in place, we provide you with valuable tips on how to give it back cleanly to your car rental agency. Why is this important, you may ask? Well, many rental companies clearly state that the vehicle should be returned to them in the same condition in which they rented it out. This includes ensuring a clean vehicle, so in many ways you may be mandated to ensure that you return the vehicle in a clean state.

Deploy Car Wash Services

The best way is to deploy the services of car wash companies. They do a thorough job inside and out, ensuring that when you return the vehicle, it is in pretty much the same (or maybe even better!) condition than when you rented it. Ideally, you should do this just before giving your vehicle back.

Clean it yourself

While being a laborious proposition, in case your car has not got too dirty, you could actually clean it up yourself. This is especially true if you have driven mildly within the city and the car has barely got dirty beyond say the exterior surface, which you can possibly wipe clean yourself.

Even if it has got quite dirty – say you have been off-roading quite a bit; you could use a hosepipe and then clean the vehicle thoroughly. Using a pressure pipe will especially help with sticky dirt that otherwise refuses to go away easily.

Car Cleaning Help

The abundant supply of cheap labor in and around Dubai means that you can deploy the services of these individuals to clean your rental vehicle. This will be an “in between” solution to going for a professional car wash versus cleaning yourself. Costs too will be relatively less and still you will have a thoroughly cleaned vehicle.

To ensure a particularly thorough job, you could always supervise the cleaning process. That way – since you will be aware of places where the vehicle would have got especially dirty, you can instruct accordingly to ensure that additional effort is put in to clean it in those places.


It is definitely important that you have your rental or leased car thoroughly cleaned before you return it to your car rental agency. At Speedy Drive Car Rental, we certainly appreciate customers who go the extra mile to ensure that the vehicles they give back to us are in the same immaculate condition in which we rent out to them!