Importance of Getting a Car Rental Insurance

Different regions have their different policies regarding car rental insurance. Although Dubai’s car policy is quite similar to that of other cities, it’s important to know the small differences in order to get the best deals and stay safe on the road. The following are some important information you need to know about car rental insurance in Dubai.

Short term travel coverage

Some insurance companies provide short term cover for travel insurance. This is most commonly obtainable by tourists and those who are renting a car for a short time. Although car rental companies include this cost to their overall costs, it’s cheaper to obtain a separate insurance coverage especially if you are planning on using the car for a few days.

Off-road travel

This type of coverage is limited to certain types of cars. Only land cruiser, jeep, Prado, or other off-road vehicles can be provided with such type of coverage. However, it may not offer protection for activities such as bashing. If you’re traveling on a road that’s not marked or typically recognized, the insurance cost is usually higher. So, it’s important to first look at other travelling alternatives before taking up this type of insurance.

Roadside maintenance

A lot of insurance companies in Dubai have protection or cover for roadside repairs for your rented or purchased car. Although their policies may differ from one company to the other, there are similar features you will see in almost all of them. Typical coverage for roadside assistance include emergency fuel delivery, flat tires, battery boosts, vehicle towing, as well as mechanical repairs.

No-claims bonus

This is especially helpful if you want to lower the cost of your insurance. A no-claims bonus is given to policy holders who have had a clean accident record for at least one year. If you’re coming from abroad to settle in Dubai and have a clean driving record, it will be worthwhile to come along with no claims bonus certificate. This will help you reduce the cost of your insurance.

Windscreen cover

A lot of things can happen to the windscreen when traveling on the road. It can be damaged by collision or natural forces or even as a result of wear and tear. Average windscreen insurance in Dubai can take up to Dh 3,000. However, this cover is limited to certain types of car. Older cars are more prone to windscreen damage, and insurance companies may not provide protection for such types of cars.

Overall, it’s important to have knowledge of the requirements of insurance companies in Dubai before applying for an insurance cover. This will help you avoid certain high fees charged by insurance companies. You are also going to get the right policy suitable for your needs. Remember that insurance companies vary in their policies. You can compare and contrast before selecting the most ideal policy for your situation.  With the right information, you will be able to decide whether you want to include a third party policy or completely leave it out from the coverage.

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