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Importance of Lane Discipline When Driving

Lane discipline is when a driver unintentionally straddles onto the next lane and does not drive within the white markings on the road. Whether it is an intentional or unintentional act, it is a dangerous form of driving, which can result in accidents and high fines. In order to ensure the safety of your passengers and the rental car itself, it is crucial to maintain the lane discipline while driving. Bad lane discipline is often caused by poor observation, lack of concentration, or driving in a hurry. In this blog post, we explain why lane discipline is vital for drivers in Dubai.

Drive on The Right and Overtake on The Left

Ensure to always overtake from the left. Unlike other parts of the world, cars in Dubai drive on the right, while they overtake on the left side. Drivers must always follow the lane and ensure they are driving within the white lines drawn on the road. Avoid driving on the line or outside the line as it may confuse drivers around you, further leading to an accident. This is equally important to follow even when driving in residential areas. Failing to maintain lane discipline may cause you to knock down a pedestrian.

Stay in Your Lane

As you approach the traffic signal, it is essential to stay in the lane that will direct you to your desired road. This is especially at intersections, where the traffic tends to turn one side and has multiple lanes. It prevents you from cutting through the ongoing traffic, which can be dangerous for everyone on the road. Imagine two paths, where one is going straight, and the other lane is going right. Let’s say the road turning right is relatively free, so one may be tempted to take that lane instead and later squeeze yourself into the lane going straight. This not only causes inconvenience but can also be risky.

Tip for Changing Lanes

Here’s where the lessons taught during your driving classes will come into play. Before switching lanes, it is vital to check all three mirrors and do a shoulder check, as it uncovers the blind spots in the side mirrors of your car rental. Once the lane seems clear for you to change, make sure you turn on your signal to communicate to the drivers behind you. Sudden breaks and lane changes can be frightening for many drivers, whether new or experienced, as the experience is not very pleasant. Make it a habit to turn on your signal whenever you plan on changing lanes.

Tip for Changing Lanes

Driving on A Roundabout

When driving on a roundabout, you first need to identify the route that you will take once you cross the roundabout. If, for example, there are two lanes, where the outer path is for those going right, and inner lane for those who plan on driving straight ahead. It is important to note both these points and keep them in mind when driving. If you plan on going right but stay on the inner lane instead, it will lead to confusion and accidents.