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International Driving Licenses Valid in the UAE and What You Should Know

UAE has its own charisma the world over. That is why the country welcomes millions of visitors every year. Not only that, the country remains among the few countries which offer high-level ease of traveling around.

That is why they offer multiple countries' driving licenses permission to drive on the roads. Though you can always opt for rental cars, there is the facility of driving yourself. The country provides a level of flexibility that is hard to find elsewhere. There is no requirement to feel jittery when you arrive in the country. We will tell you all about driving licenses that can be usable in the UAE.

Africa and Asia

UAE permits the use of your driving license if you originate from Africa and some Asian countries. In the case of Africa, South African residents can drive any rental car without facing any issues. However, residents of North Africa should possess an UAE and maybe IDP license to go around.

In case of Asia, all countries' driving licenses cannot be used in this country. Before you leave for the country you should find out if your country figures in the list or not.

America and Europe

You can drive as per choice of vehicle if you have an American license and are traveling to the country. What’s more, even residents of Canada get permission to drive. It is difficult to believe you can use a European driving license in this country, but it's true. These are some European countries whose licenses are applicable in the country. Again, before you leave, find out which are the countries that get the go ahead. Most of the European countries should be permitted.


The countries of Oceania, i.e., Australia as well as New Zealand, are also offered the privilege of driving license usage. You just have to show your driving license and go around any part of the UAE.

If you do not possess a valid driving license, there is nothing to worry about. You can get your existing driving license for their use in this country. The documents that you need for the purpose are valid Visa, optometry form, original driving license, form for the conversion of the license, and a no objection certificate.

Summing Up

If you want to travel to the Middle East, you should first look for rent a car near me. If you already have a valid license, there would be no trouble in moving around. However, if that is not the case, get your license converted with a simple process. Ensure you are carrying all the valid documents when you travel to the UAE. This will ensure your license conversion happens quickly.