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Is your Car Consuming Excessive Fuel? Here’s How You Can Save More

As fuel prices continue to soar high, road users are concerned about petrol or diesel engine utilisation. An increase in gas and fuel prices is causing a lot of withdrawal in terms of expenditures. With cheap Dubai car rental options available, a layman now can drive to work or spend extra time with their folks jolting around the town, spending a nice evening or doing their chores that may require travelling. Driving is about comfort and luxury. However, with the fuel prices fluctuating in the market, many of them give it a dismissive thought.

Constant Speed

One of the most simple and effective ways to increase gas and fuel mileage is maintaining a constant speed while driving. The ideal speed option would be between 55-65 mph (approximately 55-65 mpg) to increase fuel efficiency. You spend 40% more fuel if you drive 80 mph instead of 70 mph. Save gasoline by being persistent to the cause.

Accelerate Slowly

Often aggressive driving where one accelerates a lot without switching gears can reduce the mileage by thirty per cent. These can cause you not only excessive fuel but also ruins your car. Therefore, be aggressive in saving fuel rather than on your accelerator.

Utilization of Air Conditioners

It sure is fun to blast your air conditioner in the car but is it worth it? AC cools you off in the summers; however, using air conditioning at full blast results in more energy consumption than usual. During long trips, when the weather is pleasant, it is best to avoid using air conditioners.

Engine Load

The car's drag increases when the tires are low in the air, and the car weighs a lot or if you have installed roof racks. This results in the motor requiring more power to drive the vehicle, causing the vehicle to consume a greater amount of fuel. The tire pressure monitoring device can save the engine from unnecessary strain. Furthermore, avoid using or installing a roof rack because it can add weight to the load.

Don't Drive Unless Needed

Fuel consumption can be reduced by driving fewer miles. Using your car should be limited to the bare minimum. If the distance is only a few blocks, you might consider walking. Exercising is essential not only for saving money at the pumps but also for keeping your body healthy.

Excessive Idling Is a Big No-No

Waiting in the car with the engine ion, having an idle conversation or just going to a drive-in restaurant, make sure to switch off your engine.

Regular Maintenance

It is vital to adjust the oil fast and check the engine properly. Make sure your engine is maintained, and you give your car for servicing at a regular interval. The quality of the oil used for your engine makes a difference too.

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