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Keep These in Your Rental Car at All Times

It’s always good to have everything in your car in order. As such, you are assured of being covered at all times, especially when your vehicle has a breakdown. Give this article a read, as we aim at helping our readers in times of emergencies. We’ve covered a list of items that you should have in your monthly rental car at all times. As the saying goes, it’s better to have and not need, than to need and not have. The same idiom applies in this situation.

Emergency Food

We’re talking about non-perishable foods such as muesli, granola bars, energy snacks, or even dried fruits. Emergency food is a must, especially if you have diabetes or are traveling off the beaten path. That way, you are always prepared for hunger pangs or a low insulin level.

Water Bottle Pack

A pack of water bottles is something we’d highly recommend keeping in your rental car. As such, it can save the day if you’re feeling dehydrated and have no amenity store nearby. However, you must see to it that the bottles are sturdy and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

This tip is mostly for the women who are in their heels almost every day and drive in their stilettos. If you’ve got an old pair that you plan on throwing away, we suggest keeping it in your rental car to use during an emergency, or if you have to hike somewhere.

Car Phone Charger

Keep a car phone charger with you at all times and watch how this decision changes your entire driving experience. It’s especially useful for tourists in the city who cruise around in their rental car. A fully charged phone means you always arrive at your destination on time and can continuously use the GPS. Additionally, it allows you to make emergency calls when required.

Tissues/Paper Towels

For instant cleanup, it’s always good to have a pack of tissues and paper towels in your rental car. You can clear the windshield, grease, or any spillage in the vehicle. It also helps in keeping you clean, especially if you are munching while driving.

Reusable Tote Bags

While spontaneous grocery plans seem to be the apparent reason for this, tote bags have various other purposes as well. It could be to carry heavy items or to store equipment in it safely.

Plastic Bags

Though tote bags are ideal for transporting your items, you surely wouldn’t want your fellow passenger to throw up in your tote bag. They also serve as a useful purpose for cleaning out unwanted items in your car. Additionally, if you have muddy shoes with you, the best way to keep it is by storing them in the plastic bag.