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Know the COVID Rules for Abu Dhabi or Dubai

COVID cases wreaked havoc globally and brought the economy to a steep decline. However, to uplift the situation and functioning in every nation, it was necessary to regulate activities at an average pace with a code of conduct in line. As a result, the UAE government has established guidelines for international tourists who wish to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Emirate countries such as Dubai will soon be witnessing the famous Dubai Expo 2020, and international tourists will be gathering at the event from all around the place. When people arrive from different countries, they would rent a car in Dubai and commute to places.

That’s why it is essential to scan through the regulations brought out by the UAE authority of National Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management, stating that local authorities have the permission to generate rules for individual Emirate countries as per the scenarios overviewed locally.

Here are the restrictions that the UAE authorities have issued for Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

For Dubai

  • Present a negative RT-PCR Test from no more than 14 days before entering the country.
  • It is mandatory to take a booster dose after six months of both the vaccine shots.
  • International tourists with no vaccination must show a negative RT-PCR Test within 72 hours of arriving in the country.
  • Visitors must have a green status on the Al Hosn app to enter a federal government office if they are unvaccinated.
  • Face-Masks are still mandatory at public places and gathering. People should continue to maintain physical distance from each other.

For Abu Dhabi

  • To enter public places, people should be vaccinated and have their status green on the Al Hosn app.
  • It is essential to show a negative RT-PCR test no older than 14 days. On the 6th day of arrival, tourists must get another RT-PCR test and demonstrate the negative report.
  • Face masks are not mandatory in someplace in Abu Dhabi.
  • A booster shot is compulsory for people six months after both the vaccine shots.
  • To attend any event, it is necessary to procure a Negative RT-PCR test no later than 96 hours.
  • No quarantine is required for vaccinated people. Unvaccinated people should provide RT-PCR negative report.
  • Passengers traveling to Abu Dhabi must register with the Federal Authority’s ICA portal before boarding a flight to Abu Dhabi.

These rules are subject to the terms stated by the UAE authorities. If you rent a car in Dubai on monthly basis as a tourist, remember to follow through the laws of social distancing face masks.