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Top 5 Tips to Avoid Car Rental Rip-offs

Many unscrupulous car rental firms try and hoodwink their customers in a wide range of ways. In this article, we list some tips to help you avoid being ripped off by such deceitful car rental agencies.

Exact Car Return Time

Many devious car rental firms mention car return dates but not the exact car return time, in the car rental agreement. However, when the car is returned, they claim a delayed car return and levy a late fee. The tip here would be to clarify the exact car return time and have it confirmed in writing.

False Unlimited Mileage Claims

There is always some fine print to any claims made by car rental companies about “unlimited mileage”, which is invariably to do with limitations on where the car can be taken. As a savvy car renter, you should not be impressed by such claims and dig deep into the fine print.

False Claims of Damage Made to the Vehicle

Many conniving car rental businesses claim all kinds of damages made to the rental car, when you know you did not make such claimed damages. The way around handling such claims is to inspect the vehicle thoroughly while hiring. Take pictures of any obvious damage such as dents and confirm them with the car rental company in writing. That way, they cannot come back to you later and blame the damage on you.

Fuel Top-up

Car rental agreements clearly specify the state in which the fuel tank of the vehicle is expected to be when you return it – sometimes it is expected to be topped up, or in the same state in which it was given to you, say half full. When such expectations are not fulfilled, there is a fee levied. You can avoid all such fines or charges by ensuring you abide by the fuel tank clause specified in the rental agreement.

False Insurance Claims

The most common way in which car rental companies try to fleece their customers is by not specifying the nitty-gritties of the insurance policy that currently covers the vehicle. For instance, does it offer third party coverage? What parts of the car are covered by the insurance policy, and to what extent? If something untoward happens, to what extent will the insurance company be liable?

The simple solution here is to ensure you have a copy of the original insurance policy of the vehicle with you, so that everything is crystal clear from the get go.


It is unfortunate that many car rental companies try to fleece their customers. At Speedy Drive, that is something you will never have to worry when dealing with us, so feel free to choose your preferred set of wheels here whenever you need!