Learn how to have a genuine car rental Deal.

Rental companies look as if doing whatsoever they can to extort more money out of you now a day. They might even be ready to sacrifice your trust in them to add to their revenues. It is likely to happen that an employee of car rental Company could commit a direct error in favor of the company however regardless of whether the act of charging you extra amount was mistakenly or deliberate; you should always defend yourself from paying additional money out of your pocket than required.

Here, we discuss the rip offs to look out for, to help you save cash and become a more sensible customer!

  • Unlimited Mileage Rental Car

People might get excited after seeing advertisement promoting "unlimited mileage" offers. How does the trick work?

dishonest rental companies cover a clause in the fine print mentioning that the offer is applicable only to "in-state travel", whereas the clerks neglects to talk about it to the clients. Read the fine print and ignore the Unlimited Mileage Rental Car Scam!

  • Rental Car Overdue

This rip-off is also very common these day. You are having a car that you hired for a few days. It is Friday and you have to return the car. But when you give back the keys, they give you a bill that has $75 extra on it than you estimated.

When you ask about this, they inform you that you were required to bring back the car by noon, not at 4PM. You were not aware about it because they never mentioned. They either made-up the "late charges fee" on the spot or had it written at the back of desk.

  • Routinely Check Your Credit Card Statement

It is advisable to check your credit card statement for at least a month after the end of the car rental to make sure that no hidden charges have been added.

  • Stand Your Ground and Do Not Waiver

Don’t let yourself to be pressurized into being a victim. If you feel you are being riped-off by the car rental company, note down every detail about your experience to contact the corporate office of company, the police, a consumer advocate organization or even the media, if required.

  • Insurance hacks

Depending on wherever you rent your car, certain kinds of insurance may be added with the price of the rental; so verify that carefully.

  • Check the Policies

Carefully check the policies of the car rental company as different rental car companies have different policies. 

Your car rental experience will be boring most of the time; and if you are requested to compensate more than you ought to, it will most probably because of a direct mistake on the part of the rental car company. If that happens to you, the charges in terms of time, effort and money can potentially be huge. Do yourself a good turn and be prepared before your rent your next car.

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