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Points to Consider When Renting a Car in Another Country

If you visit the UAE and are planning to explore it, then renting a car would be a great option for you. In fact, it would probably be the only logical and financially feasible option, as the cost of buying a new car throws that option out of the window. That said, certain factors need to be considered before you rent a car in a country you aren’t familiar with, such as the UAE. Take a look at five of the most important factors:

Identify the Duration

Most car rental companies in the UAE offer both short and long term car rentals. Short term car rentals are ideal for a weekend trip or business meetings. Long term car rentals will be perfect if you are in the country for a few months. Monthly car rental deals are usually more cost-effective. So, consider the duration for which you need to rent a car before actually renting it.

Do You Need a Special Permit?

Residents of GCC countries, Europe, Australia, and the USA don’t need to obtain a special driving license in the UAE if they have a valid tourist visa. Tourists from countries other than these would need to obtain an international driving license to drive in the UAE. So, make sure you arrange for that before renting a car.

What Car Type Should You Hire?

Imagine a scenario where you rent a car and make the payments, only to find out on the delivery day that the car wouldn’t be able to accommodate your co-travelers and luggage. So, to avoid such a predicament, determine what type of car you need well in advance. It could either be a sedan, hatchback or SUV, depending on your requirements. Consult with the car rental company, and they will procure you with solutions that fulfill these needs.

Do You Have All the Documents

Do You Have All the Documents?

In addition to the driving license, you’ll need the following documents to rent a car in the UAE:

  • A copy of your Passport
  • Details of the Auto insurance company
  • Proof of residence
  • An income proof

Make sure that you have these documents ready before you apply for a car rental. Also, please note that while the legal driving age in the UAE is 18 years, you cannot rent a car before the age of 21.

Rental Car Insurance

Unlike in most Asian countries, Car insurance is not an afterthought in the UAE. The law mandates car rental companies to provide third-party liability insurance, which is usually included in the rental package. But you can also opt for additional insurance to cover unfortunate events such as:

  • Car theft or damage (Loss Damage Waiver)
  • Theft of your belongings from the cover (Personal Effects Cover)
  • Medical costs due to an accident (Personal Accident Insurance)

In Conclusion

Renting a car in the UAE can prove to be a boon for tourists, provided that you evaluate the factors discussed in this article. Make sure you do that, and you’ll have a great time here driving around in your rental car!