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Protect Your Rental Car from Thieves

While traveling abroad may come with a lot of worries, protecting your rental car from thieves shouldn’t be one of them. When on holidays, you tend to let your guard down as you are too busy enjoying your holidays. Under such circumstances, the chances are that you could become a victim to thieves. Here we discuss several ways in which you can prevent your car rental from being broken into, so you can have an enjoyable drive during your holiday in Dubai.

Ensure Your Valuables Aren’t Left Behind

While this may sound obvious, there can be times when we forget to take our valuables with us. Before walking away from your car, be vigilant about checking your vehicle and what’s on display. It could be either financially or sentimentally of value to you. Either ways, keep it safely at a distance stay or to take it along with you, don’t leave it on the car. If under any circumstance, you do decide on leaving it in the vehicles, ensure it’s not hidden under anything. It should be entirely out of sight, do not let any potential thief wonder if there’s something hidden.

The Compartment in Your Car Rental

Leave the front compartment open. This way they’ll be led to believe that there’s nothing of value hidden inside. You might have passed by trucks parked with their windows open, at night. It is done so for the exact same reason. Open windows mean you have nothing of value hidden in there, thus manipulating thieves into believing that they have nothing to steal. Usually, it’s the glove compartment that they check first, after breaking into a car.

Hide Your Items Before You Get to The Location

It is always advisable to load and hide your things in the car, before reaching your destination. If you decide to stow away your valuables after reaching the spot, there is a chance that someone may have already laid their eyes on the item and will be ready to attack the moment you step out. Put everything away and hide your belongings in the trunk of your rental car, at the beginning of the trip. This way, thieves won’t be able to sniff their way to your vehicle.

Be Vigilant About Where You Park

Choosing the right parking spot will minimize the chances of your car being vandalized. Look out for places that are more visible and are under bright light. The deeper or farther away the vehicle is, the higher the possibility of the car being violated. Another tip would be to look around for glass pieces. Ideally, this is a tell-tale sign that it’s not a safe area, and that previously a break-in took place there. Avoid such parking spots.

Rent Smart

When renting a car, try and look out for ones that can’t be broken into easily. Check if the trunk has enough storage space to store your belongings. Getting a car that’s not too flashy, also helps, so thieves feel there’s nothing in it for them. Another critical factor to remember is not to keep your car rental contract inside. In case the car is stolen or broken into, chances are, you might not find these documents again.

Ensure Everything Is Just How You Left It

The moment you get into your car, check every bag and component. Make sure you do it at the same location your vehicle is parked at, just in case you have to report or file a complaint. Make it a point to look inside the bag as well, to ensure everything is still inside. The thief will empty the bag and leave it just the way you did, leading you to believe that nothing has been stolen.

Bear these guidelines in mind, and you can guarantee no thief wants to break into your car or even steal it.