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5 Reasons Dubai has the Best Road Infrastructure in the MENA

Dubai boasts of the best road infrastructure in the MENA region. Various factors have contributed towards this phenomenon.

Governmental Initiative

Prime among the factors attributable to the incredible road infrastructure of Dubai is the initiative taken by the government. Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum has himself taken personal initiative in ensuring that the road infrastructure in Dubai is as best as seen anywhere in the world. Various governmental agencies have in turn taken cues to ensure that roads in Dubai are not only created but also maintained just as well.

Ample Supply of Affordable Overseas Labour

The abundant supply of affordable overseas labour, especially from South Asia, has meant that infrastructural costs have always been kept in check while still ensuring adequate manpower. Otherwise, these two factors often end up being the biggest stumbling blocks towards creation as well as maintenance of infrastructure; in Dubai, they are not an issue.

An Honest and Transparent Administration

The administration in Dubai is honest and transparent. Many other places around the world face infrastructural bottlenecks because they are corrupt in their dealings; personal gains override interests of the public. In Dubai, that is not the case at all. This factor goes a long way in ensuring that the roads in Dubai remain one of the best as seen anywhere in the world.

The RTA of Dubai

The RTA or Road Transport Authority of Dubai has also played a pivotal role in ensuring that the roads in Dubai continue to be world class. In fact, the dedication of the RTA towards this end objective is one which we have not seen with any such comparable body elsewhere in the world. If it wasn’t for the RTA, we would not have seen the fine quality of Dubai roads as we see today.

Strict Laws Coupled with a Compliant Public

Laws regarding traffic and road discipline are very strict in Dubai. Driving on the city’s streets for example entails following strict rules. Likewise, various governmental and non-governmental agencies work in tandem, again complying with the rules they are expected to follow. For example, the waterworks department works in tandem with the roadways department; any digging up done for maintenance or repair is then followed up in such a way that one hardly realizes any such work was done!

A final note would also be to mention the contribution of Dubai’s public at large which ensures that the city’s streets remain pristine at all times without littering, etc.


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