Reasons Dubai Have the Best Road & Infrastructure in MENA

There are numerous reasons for the tourists to travel to the Middle East and UAE is among the most popular. As they say, roads are paths to the development and anyone who has visited Dubai once would second this statement that the city management pays due consideration to this very factor.

Every now and then you may find a new freeway or driveway being built in the city better than previous ones. Residents may have never realized why Dubai has ‘Best Constructed Roads’ in the Middle East but below are the reasons why


Dubai’s infrastructure is beyond doubt the best in the world. The stunning architecture of the city, the smooth and spotlessly clean roads are surrounded by rich green areas.

Further, the energetic and lively environment of Dubai City always makes us feel and believe that there can never be a multi-cultural atmosphere as splendid as this one. If the authorities claim their driveways, roads, skyscrapers, underpasses and flyovers to be “second to none”, they have all the right in the world to do so.

Dubai Roads

This is true that good roads and quality driveways are everywhere and all across the Middle East but truly speaking, they’re no match for the roads in Dubai. The city management seems to be fully aware of the importance of high quality and state-of-the-art road; as they simply contribute to Dubai’s lavish yet legendary lifestyle.

Government’s Role

Thanks to the great people in the government like Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the welfare of Dubai citizens has never been compromised. From iconic structures to modern hospitals, from super-luxurious hotels to award-winning airports and from mega malls to reputed sports and medical facilities, you name it and they have it.


The credit of providing Dubai residents with these splendid roads, however, goes to Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai. Without the keen interest and pure dedication of the RTA, the present smooth, friendly and ever-expanding transport infrastructure would only remain a dream.

RTA takes the city’s infrastructure as ‘top strength’ and that’s why Dubai’s road network is not only the best in the entire UAE or the Middle East; it’s the best among all other similar facilities across the globe.

Hopefully the RTA will not stop their efforts of keeping up with the pace of the ever-expanding Dubai population and growing demand for roads and freeways. But then again, the RTA knows how to meet the challenge and to always come up to the expectations of Dubai citizens.

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